5 Things to Consider When Shopping for Window Shutters

If you can’t afford to move, updating your home is a great way to feel like you’re in a new building.

In the UK, homeowners spend almost 30 billion per year on home improvements.

Fitting window shutters add elegance and help you to preserve your privacy. Do you know what to look for when shopping for shutters?

Read on to discover 5 things to consider before you buy shutters for your windows.

  1. Think Of The Style Of Window Shutters

You may have a mental image of the shutters you want. Did you know they come in different styles?

Full shutters open in panels. Cafe shutters cover the lower half of the window. Double hung window shutters, also known as tier-on-tier shutters, allow you to open just the top or the bottom.

If that wasn’t enough choice, you can also install divider rails. They let you open the top half of the panel. You can customize your shutters according to the sunshine.

  1. What Size Louver Do You Want?

Small windows need smaller louvers to look more proportional. Trying to fit shutters with large louvers to small windows looks clumsy.

Larger louvers have more clear space for a better view.

You should also think about how you’ll tilt the louvers. Most models come with a vertical tilt bar. They’re easy to use but the bar can obscure part of the view.

A hidden tilt avoids this problem by putting the tilt bar at the side.

  1. What Window Mount Do You Have?

Do your windows have decorative trims or molding? You’ll need to have window shutters mounted inside the opening. Choose from a hinge or an ‘L’ frame.

You can choose an outside mount if you don’t have decorative molding. These outside mounts come with their own molding.

  1. Which Color Suits Your Home?

You don’t just have to choose white for your shutters. As well as traditional ‘wood’ colors, you could also opt for dark grey or cream shades.

Choose a color that blends in with your existing color scheme. Try matching your shutters to your wooden furniture. Or pick something complementary for a more modern look.

  1. What Material Do You Want?

PVC is a common material for window shutters. Invest in the best quality that you can. Better quality PVC has the right additives to stop the plastic coloring in sunlight.

It can even imitate wood grain. You won’t need to repaint them and PVC shutters don’t warp.

Wooden shutters aren’t ideal in humid conditions as the wood can warp. And you need to repaint them to keep them looking their best.

But wooden shutters are more sustainable and look beautiful.

Choose A Reputable Company

Whichever color, style, or size you choose, make sure you use a retailer with experience. Buy the best quality you can afford for shutters that will last and require the least maintenance.

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One thought on “5 Things to Consider When Shopping for Window Shutters

  • May 11, 2020 at 6:58 am

    I agree when you mentioned that it’s good to match the color of my shutters with the wooden furniture in the room. My bedroom is chock full of cedar furniture so perhaps something in between peach and brown would be a good color for a shutter. Having a relaxing color like that would be great in making my eyes feel relaxed in the morning instead of being woken up by intense sunlight.


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