5 Things That Are Cheaper On Amazon Than In Stores

Amazon is one of the biggest companies in the world, with a customer base of over 310 million people and growing.

It’s not hard to understand why. Amazon offers quick, efficient service with a wide variety of selection. And perhaps most importantly, their pricing is seriously cheap.

So much so, that you might be losing money by going anywhere else. There’s a number of items that Amazon sells at such an affordable price, you’d be hard pressed to find a better deal ANYWHERE: online or in-stores. If you’re trying to live frugally, shopping on Amazon can be the way to go.

Read on, and we’ll share with you the best things that are cheaper on Amazon. That way you won’t have to waste another dollar.

  1. Toilet Paper

Running low in the bathroom? You’ll be saving loads of money if you grab this bathroom essential off Amazon instead of in store. Not only do you get a good price from Amazon, but online shopping means you get the added convenience of having them delivered to your home directly.

To ensure you’re getting the best price, scan the “$.xx/count” to find the lowest price per count that Amazon has available.

  1. Pet Food

Another frequently expensive cost for many Americans is the food they purchase for their furry friends.

Especially if you have a large dog, the bags of food can cost an arm and a leg and be a whole workout just to carry home. But whether you need food for your dog, cat, or pet iguana, Amazon has thousands of affordably priced options. Almost all of them are covered under Prime shipping, so if you’re a Prime subscriber, prices will be slashed even more.

And like all Prime items, shipping will be free.

  1. Coffee Pods

One of the most popular recent innovations is the coffee pod. Americans love their pod-based coffee makers, from Nespresso to K-Pod.

If you want to save some cash while ordering pods for your machine, spring for the big boxes on Amazon instead of the smaller boxes from your local retail store. Bulk purchases are always the easy way to snag a good deal, and the shipping costs will be negligible if you have a Prime membership.

  1. Blu Rays & DVDs

There’s a huge amount of deals every day on Amazon for DVDs and Blu Rays of your favorite TV shows and movies. A large selection is usually available for less than $5, beating the bargain bin at your local store in both selection and convenience.

If you’re a movie-lover, Amazon also offers a wide selection of original and high-quality movies to Prime subscribers for free, ranging from award-winners like You Were Never Really Here to crowd-pleasers like The Big Sick. Amazon is a great resource for entertainment and can help keep your leisure costs each month way down.

  1. Baby Wipes

If you have babies or children who go through a large number of wipes, this is something you’re probably purchasing a lot of! The savings you get from Amazon can really add up fast.

If you try to grab baby wipes from the store, you might run into some ridiculous prices. But with Amazon’s value of a cent per wipe, it’d be hard to find anywhere who’d be willing to selling them any cheaper.

Things That Are Cheaper On Amazon

The above are just a few things that are cheaper on Amazon than elsewhere. In reality, there’s a lot more. Amazon’s competitive pricing makes it one of the best places to shop for nearly anything, and if you shop smart and right, you’re sure to come out with some great deals.

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