5 Spring Cleaning Hacks You Can Use to Get Your Home Ready for Showings

Home buying season is upon us, and if you’re thinking of selling, now is the time. A majority of home sales traditionally take place between the Spring and Summer months because of how popular it is for buying.

If you’re putting your house on the market, here are some spring cleaning hacks to make it stand out and ready for viewing.

  1. Less is More

When it comes time to take pictures of your house for selling, you’ll want to remember that less is more.

Spring cleaning is always a time to go through our things and eliminate clutter, throwing out anything we don’t need anymore. This is especially important when selling your home.

When someone goes to look at a new house, looking past too much stuff is going to make it harder for them to see the potential of their things in that space.

  1. Sparkling Windows

When homebuyers drive up to see a new home, the first thing they see is the exterior.

Another thing to put on the spring cleaning checklist is to wash all of the windows, inside and out. Clean windows make them look larger and more open and bring in more natural lighting in the living spaces.

  1. Cosmetic Touch Ups

A new coat of paint on the walls will do wonders for your house. Choosing a color that is more neutral can also have an impact on the sale of your house. Refreshing the paint on the baseboards can also help.

Sometimes there might be damages or repairs to your house that are more problematic than simply touching up paint.

You could hire a contractor to fix the structural problems, or you could speak to Homeowner Solutions, a cash home buyer who would buy your house from you without the repairs.

  1. Light Fixtures

When you live in your space for so long, it can be easy to forget to check things such as light fixtures because we rarely look up.

However, you don’t want to be stuck in an awkward situation with a new homebuyer looking at your house, noticing all of the bugs stuck in your light fixtures.

So, a good item to add to the spring cleaning ideas list is to debug the lights. You’ll also want to dust, clean, or change out all of the lightbulbs in the house.

  1. Clean Carpets

With all of the years spent living in the same house, dirt starts to accumulate on the carpets.

Homebuyers can be sensitive to flooring while shopping, so the best thing you can do for the sale of your home is to give the most important rooms in the house a thorough carpet cleaning to make them look like new.

More Spring Cleaning Hacks

The last thing on your list of spring cleaning hacks is to give the house a pleasant scent; citrus is a good fresh smell that makes people think ‘clean.’ Then you can relax; you’re done until next Spring.

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