5 SMS Apps for iOS and Android

If you’re a savvy communicator, you know the traditional SMS message is a thing of the past. Today, there is a variety of popular, easy to use SMS apps for both iOS and Android.

If you want to take your texting game to the next level, check out these top 5 SMS apps for iOS and Android.

SMS Apps for iOS & Android

Tired of texting but not sure what SMS app you should switch to? Here are 5 great SMS app options for you to try out!

  1. WhatsApp

WhatsApp is a free and easy-to-use mobile messaging app for iOS and Android. The app imports contacts from your phone and lets you instantly send messages to anywhere in the world. With it, you can send text, photos, voice and video messages to your contacts.

You should know that WhatsApp only supports smartphones and that you need Internet access to send and receive messages.

  1. Viber

Viber, another free mobile messaging app available for iOS and Android, uses your phone number as your login and syncs up with it to find contacts who use Viber.

With this app, you can send text, stickers, emoji’s, and photos, voice, and video messages. It also lets you share your screen with another Viber user during a chat.

  1. Google Allo

Google Allo is Google’s contribution to the free mobile messaging app world. What’s different about it is that it has AI assistant functions on top of the standard mobile messaging features. This assistant can suggest quick message replies and find information relevant to your conversations like restaurant suggestions, weather reports, and more.

Google Allo also has an Incognito chat mode that enables private notifications, end-to-end-encryptions and messages that self-destruct.

(This is not operational anymore. Google said good–bye to Allo on March 12, 2019)

  1. Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger is a dedicated mobile messaging app that offers Facebook’s existing chat network with additional mobile messaging features.

You simply sign into Facebook, connect with another user, and then you can do things like chat messages, voice messages, and video calls. You can also send GIFs and share photos and your location.

  1. Slack

Slack is a free mobile messaging app used by both businesses and casual users. It offers a mix of messaging, management tools, scheduling, and integrates well with over apps. It also syncs across devices and lets you share files, and send both individual and group messaging tools.

Slack is an optimal option for businesses because it lets you create chat channels, which allow you to make topic-oriented discussions or subgroups. There are also premium plans available that offer better app integration and greater storage options.

Overall, it’s a great messaging office for productivity and collaboration.

Are there Chat Options for People Without Mobile Phones?

If you need to chat with someone who doesn’t have a mobile phone, text to land line message is a great new communication method. It’s a text service that text enables your landline number.

This is a great option for communicating with people who may not have mobile phones.

Final Thoughts

Chatting with friends should be more than just easy, it should be fun! With these 5 SMS apps, you can take your mobile messages to the next level.

Are you using any of these apps? Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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