5 Smart Ideas to Reuse Plastic Bottles

Are you trying to make your carbon footprint as small as possible? Do you want to make use of everyday items so that you can save money on trips to the grocery store?

We have the answer to both problems, which is to reuse plastic bottles from whatever you drink on a daily basis. Whether you drink water, soda, milk, or Gatorade, you can keep their bottles around so that other tasks you have on your schedule are easier to accomplish.

When these bottles aren’t storing material that can help you with different objects, they can make for a great game to pass up the time. With our tips for making use of everyday products, you can save trips to the recycling bin.

Here are 5 Ideas You Can Try When Figuring Out How to Reuse Plastic Bottles

  1. Supply Cups

If you work at an office and need something to store your pens, pencils and similar tools, then you may want to consider not throwing out your water bottle. You can turn that bottle into a storage cup with whatever you need to do your job.

As much as we tend to use computers, desktops, smartphones, and other gadgets to complete assignments, there is always a use for pens, magic markers, and similar utensils.

This is among the best uses of plastic bottles because you don’t have to worry about misplacing utensils in the drawers at your desk or leaving them at home. These bottles can keep them safe and cozy in one spot.

Plastic bottles also come in different shapes and sizes, and there’ll be one perfect for your desk use. If you rely on pens often or always have spares in case you lose one, you can now keep the extras in one location.

You can even use them as supply cups at home for activities you or your kids like to do for fun. This can include drawing, painting, or other activities that allow you to show off your art skills.

  1. Bird Feeders

Do you own birds as pets or have a feeder that is popular among the wild birds in your neighborhood. If so, then you can make the best out of waste by using water or soda bottles as bird feeders.

All you have to do is cut a hole out of the side of the bottle, and birds will have easy access to whatever food they need to get through the day. The size of the hole should depend on how many birds you plan on feeding.

bottles as bird feeders

Putting sticks or similarly sized objects in the side of the bottle will provide a place for birds to relax while they have their lunch. This will save them the time of flying off in search of another tree or spot to eat.

There are different types of plastic bottles, some easier to manipulate than others. We suggest using a softer bottle so that you have an easier time cutting the holes.

It might also help to include toys that can help the birds have fun during their meals. This will make your pet bird grateful, as well as motivate wild birds to keep coming back.

  1. Plant Pots to Reuse Plastic Bottles

The spring and summer are great periods of the year for those who enjoy growing different plants in their backyards. If you find a collection of empty plastic bottles in your room, then they may come in handy for this.

While combining plastic with plants doesn’t sound like a good mix, this is a good way to make use out of waste bottles. If the regular hole isn’t big enough, you cut around the right areas to give your plants the space to grow.

We recommend using 2-liter bottles because they provide the right space for water and multiple flowers and other plants to come to life. You can pore soil in the bottle and position seeds in just the right spots.

This is also an opportunity to show off your designing skills. You can color and cut up the bottle to match up with the environment your plants reside in, with options including animals and actual pots.

Herbs can also use plastic bottles as their growing spots. The result will be a beautiful garden and a well-spent afternoon.

  1. Laundry Detergent Storage

Bottles of laundry detergent are not among the cheapest items we purchase on our trips to the grocery store. Looking up places such as this website can inform you of the benefits of using different materials for a variety of purposes, with this being a prime example.

Plastic bottles represent how to make useful things from waste by serving as replacements for holding detergent when you’re doing laundry. You’ll get to save money during your shopping adventures.

Milk cartons and water gallon jugs can help with heavier loads on the weekends. Water and Gatorade bottles can serve for when you only have one load or small loads to take care of.

It’s important to label which bottles you use for certain situations. Some can be used for bigger or smaller loads, or you can use one for colors and another for white clothes.

You should also keep these bottles close to the washing machine and dryer to make sure no one confuses their use for drinking. If you want to color them the same as traditional detergent bottles to be safe, then go for it.

  1. Home Games

Have you ever found yourself laying in your bed on the weekend thinking of something to do? Plastic bottles may be the solution to this problem.

You can paint bottles like bowling pins and use an inflatable bowl to practice your strikes. It can also be fun to use bottles to work on your baseball pitches, as well as targets for your slingshot.

Bottles can also make parties you have over your house more fun, especially if you have kids and their birthday party is coming up. This can save you money on party items before the big day.

College students can use plastic bottles for beer-drinking games on Friday nights. They can come in handy if you run out of plastic cups.

If you want a challenge, then you can make a game out of these bottles by trying to toss coins and other small items in them on your first throw. This can come in handy if you have friends over and it’s raining too much for a game of basketball.

Our Take

Being able to reuse plastic bottles can save you trips to the recycling bin, as well as visits to stores for buying a variety of items. This is an opportunity to make it easier to get tasks done at work or home, whether it depends on your job or just for use of your creative skills.

Everyday objectives for your days off can also benefit from plastic bottles. You can also use them to make a fun time out of a day that would have been spent watching videos online. By keeping plastic bottles around for potential uses, you can save money, be environmentally friendly, and have a fun time.

Check out more of our advice on item use so that you can make the most out of what you have.

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