5 Most Dangerous Theme Park Rides Of All Times

Who doesn’t like theme parks? For some of us, this is a time to let yourself loose and enjoy the thrill and fun of trying out new rides. Once the adrenaline starts kicking in, well that’s your cue that you are in for a ride. Pun intended.

Today’s theme and amusement parks are relatively safer than what it used to be back then. However unfortunate accidents can and do happen and we are all guilty of having morbid thoughts at one point or the other.

Fears of a wheel coming off maybe, the roller coaster not being able to clear the loop or what if you just faint during the ride. Fret not. this is quite a common feeling shared by most people and you certainly can’t be blamed for the same.

Let’s calm your fears a little and give you more knowledge about theme park rides.

In this post we have combined a list of the 5 most dangerous theme park rides of all time

1. The Cannon Ball Loop

The physics of a loop and a roller coaster just doesn’t gel together into any equation so the invention of Cannon Ball Loop was bound to be a disaster of sorts. How exactly does the slide look, one may ask? In simple words, it’s a waterslide with a loop at its end.

Doesn’t really paint a pretty picture. The ride was seemingly enough a nightmare to get through but the worst part is that the slide was in operation and at the Action Park in the US. The ride obviously was not so smooth for any patron who gave it a go.

There were times when the park had to employ an external hatch at the bottom of the loop so any person stuck in the waterslide could actually get out of it. This ride saw many accidents from bloody noses, back bruises and cracked craniums.

It was ultimately closed down shortly but wasn’t dismantled until the ownership actually changed hands in 1996.

2. The Grave Pool

With a name like this, there are bound to be shudders among any guest willing to battle such waves. In reality, this was supposed to be just a simple wave pool. The initial craze for the wave pool soon came to an end when a lot of accidents and near-drownings started becoming a common thing with the grave pool.

The makers made provisions as well for the patrons and there were a minimum of 12 guards that stood guard at this pool. A busy weekend would see lifeguards saving close to 30 near drowning saves. 6 people also reportedly died of drowning making it another deadly theme ride to worry about.

The grave pool still did not close down after these many accidents and was in operation for quite some time until the whole park was shut down. Did we also mention that the grave pool was a part of the Action park we just mentioned above?

3. The Space Journey Ride

A small Chinese town claimed that it would provide its patron with a space journey ride which gives them the feel of being in outer space. Naturally, a lot of people turned out to try their luck at the eco-friendly theme park in Shenzen China.

The operation was a hit amongst the local populace until the day which turned out to be the deadliest amusement park incident of all times. In 2010, one the space rides malfunctioned and resulted in the loss of 6 innocent lives.

The ride supposedly was to mimic a rocket launch when one of the cable cars came loose and lost all its power. There were more than 40 people in that fated ride who apart from the loss of lives also suffered serious injuries.

4. The Haunted House

Haunted houses are supposed to be full of life with mostly fake dead people scaring you in the dark. Unfortunately, at the Haunted House in Six Flags Great Adventure turned out to be a stuff of nightmares when it was purportedly set on fire by some arsonists.

The incident was one of the biggest catastrophe’s of recent times and the perpetrators behind the incident were never found. Seeking thrill is a great thing but if you are looking to save money online, then be sure to visit OZCodes to get the latest deals  and coupons on flight tickets, accommodation etc.

5. The Human Trebuchet

The Middlemoor Waterpark in the United Kingdom somehow thought that it was a great idea to invent the human catapulting machine that too out of sheer wood. The purpose was to hurl human beings from the catapult into the air just for kicks.

All this was fun until 2002 when a 19-year-old Oxford undergraduate student decided to try this catapulting machine for himself. The poor guy was tossed into the air but ended up missing the safety net leading to a fatal death. Two men were subsequently arrested over the alleged incident and the ride was discontinued soon after.

So there we have a comprehensive breakdown of the 5 most dangerous theme park rides of all times.

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