5 Factors to Help You Find Personalised Napkins for Events

Personalised gifts are becoming more and more popular as companies recognise the benefits of customised items. According to reports, the global gift wrapping products was valued at $18.71 billion in 2021.

Customised napkins are the perfect option if you want a unique gift for your next event. When you want something more than just functional, consider giving guests a set of personalised napkins to thank them for attending.

You can find personalised napkins for events, weddings, corporate functions, retirement parties, and so on. Personalised napkins can serve a different yet necessary role for your event.

Here are the five factors to help you find the best-personalised napkins:

  1. Custom Designs and Styles

The whole customisation point is to make something designed specifically for your business or event. When companies offer custom-printed napkins, they make it easy to create a design that works well with your branding.

You can choose one from a variety of styles, including cocktail napkins. Consider using Christmas or Hanukkah-themed designs on festive red-and-green napkins if you’re planning an event during the holiday season.

  1. Paper Quality

The materials used to make your personalised napkins should also fit your event’s theme. You can avoid compromising on quality for affordability, either – companies often offer a range of paper types to suit different occasions.

If you want to go eco-friendly, choose recycled paper napkins. If you’re more concerned about practicality (like weddings and corporate events), you can go with brown kraft paper napkins.

Personalised Napkins

  1. Offering Extra Napkins

Did you know that some companies offer up to 100 napkins per order? Each design includes several images, so check the product description for more information before buying. It’s also possible to customise orders – just let the supplier know how many napkins you want for a particular design.

When choosing your quantity, keep the budget in mind. You can easily find affordable personalised napkins but make sure you don’t go too low on the number of napkins you order. Don’t forget to consider how much space you have available for your table décor.

  1. Finishing Options

Customised napkins for events are usually available in three finishing options: flat, half-folded or full-fold. Flat means that your finished product will be a single sheet of paper while ‘half-fold’ creates two panels.

‘Full-fold’ creates edges with diagonal creases to mimic the look of small napkins. Most companies offer flat or half-folded, but some may let you choose your finishing option.

  1. Shipping Time and Prices

You’ll usually receive your personalised napkin order within ten business days after placing your order. Ensure that the supplier offers affordable shipping costs, especially if you buy several dozen napkins. You can also negotiate bulk discounts when placing a large, particular order.

When ordering customised napkins, remember to communicate what you need from the supplier. Talk about your budget and specific design needs before finalising the order. Personalised napkins are a thoughtful finishing touch for any event or occasion that deserves some extra attention.


In addition to the five factors listed above, you should also look for a reliable supplier with positive customer feedback. When planning your next business or organisation event, consider giving guests customised napkins as gifts.

You can find customised napkins online with just a few clicks – quickly browse through available products and order personalised napkins that suit your brand.

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