5 Most Common Ways People Are Hurt At Work

Getting hurt at work often leads to serious issues like lost wages, unexpected medical expenses, and other financial difficulties.

When you arrive at work, you’d like to think you’re entering a pretty safe place.

It’s easy to assume that all the right safety measures have been taken and everything is working as it should.

But, sometimes it doesn’t matter how many precautions have been taken–accidents happen.

Keep reading for a look at 5 of the most common ways people are hurt at work according to OSHA.

Most Common Ways People Are Hurt At Work

  1. Overexertion

They wouldn’t call it work if it wasn’t tiring.

Whether it’s at the end of a long day or after a particularly difficult ordeal with a customer, work often brings us to the point of exhaustion.

Unfortunately, overexertion is also one of the leading causes of injury on the job. If you want to prevent this type of injury, it’s important to get enough rest and breaks when you’re able.

  1. Slipping and Tripping

Another leading cause of people getting hurt at work is slipping or tripping.

The causes for this type of injury is typically negligence on the part of the worker or unsafe working conditions.

Attention is important while working. To prevent slips or falls, make sure that your workspace is clean and free of debris.

  1. Falling

Falling leads to many workplace injuries also.

The most dangerous types of falls are from elevated areas of work, like ladders, stairways, and roofs. Since many of these areas are inherently dangerous, it’s tough to make them 100% safe.

If your work requires you to climb in high places, you can prevent falling by checking your equipment and making sure the area is safe.

  1. Reaction Injuries

Accidents occur every day when people simply don’t pay attention to their surroundings.

When you’re in a familiar environment, it’s very easy to get complacent and simply put your brain on a sort of autopilot. It’s important to remember that complacency can be very dangerous, even in familiar places.

Putting yourself or employees through a good safety seminar program will help ensure that reaction injuries don’t happen.

  1. Vehicle Accidents

Another leading factor for people being hurt at work are vehicle accidents.

The road can be a dangerous place, whether you’re working or not. If your work requires you to drive or operate large vehicles on the road, it’s important to follow proper safety procedures.

Preventing Injuries–Don’t End Up Hurt at Work

Nobody wants to get injured on the job.

Many workplace injuries are preventable by following the proper safety procedures and making sure that you or your workers are properly trained.

Proper preparation and safety training will help ensure the safety and productivity of your workplace.

A workplace injury can cost you both time and money–not to mention seriously disrupting your personal life.

Stay safe by following procedures and getting you and your people properly trained.

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