5 Beautiful Wedding Unity Ideas to Consider


The act of forming a complete and harmonious whole.

From the moment he got down on one knee (and possibly since you were a girl) you’ve planned, pictured, and dreamed of your special day.

So what ritual will you use to symbolize your union?

Although lighting of a Unity Candle is one of the classic expressions, representing the joining of two lives by choosing something different shouldn’t be something you lose sleep over.

Here are a few less traditional wedding unity ideas to spur your creativity.

  1. Tie the Knot

Contrary to popular belief, the Tying of the Knot ceremony did not originate from Game of Thrones (think Margaery and Joffrey or Robb Stark and Talisa).

This symbolic and visual act is a play off the old Celtic tradition of handfasting.

A dyed cord (often using the wedding colors) is presented to the bride and groom. Together they tie a knot with the cord.

The bond of the knot symbolizes a newly created strength. The part of the cord where the knot is tied has now become more difficult to break under pressure.

Most unity rituals happen after the vows. What about tying the knot at the beginning of your ceremony? Hold the cord between yourselves throughout the ceremony to show a strong bond.

  1. Assemble a Unity Cross

For those couples who wish to present their union under the eyes of God and man, a Unity Cross ceremony is a perfect choice.

The two pieces are presented separately to the bride and groom. The outer support is for the groom, while the inner decorated, sculpted piece is for the bride.

During the ceremony, the groom sets his piece into the base and the bride adds her cross, placing it inside the framework cross. The two crosses become one, held together firmly by the foundation which unites the two.

A Unity Cross is meant to be out on display. It serves as a constant reminder of the holy union they created on their wedding day.

  1. Create an Anniversary Capsule

This play on a time-honored tradition is a unique way for a couple to represent their unity. Opening the time capsule on the first anniversary reminds you what brought you together.

Typically a wooden box (usually large enough to hold a bottle of wine) is used. The items to include can be as creative or meaningful as you desire.

Write love letters to each other, not to be read until the “opening of the capsule ceremony” in a year. Many couples also choose to add mementos that remind them how they met. Others add favorite items that have symbolic meanings of their love.

And, of course, don’t forget to include the wine, bottled the same year you met.

  1. A Sand Ceremony

One of the more popular wedding unity ideas, each Sand Ceremony is as unique as the couple themselves. Containers and sand come in a huge variety of shapes, sizes, and colors.

As the individual grains of sand mix together, a uniquely special pattern is designed, just as your individual personalities and experiences, now combined, represent the one-of-a-kind marriage you’ve created.

Your container, complete with sand that cannot be separated, acts as a magnificent keepsake as well as a reminder of your inseparable love.

  1. Sky Lantern Release

A Chinese festival tradition that dates back centuries has now gone mainstream.

As a couple, you can write messages of blessing or wishes for a fruitful future together on a paper lantern. Then, release the lantern as you repeat your vows.

To create an even more spectacular display, get the guests involved. Give them lanterns upon entering the venue. Have them write their well-wishes on them. Then, in a dazzling show of solidarity, have everyone release the lanterns at the same time.

Imagine the sight this creates in the night sky at an evening wedding!

Get Creative With Your Wedding Unity Ideas

Now that we’ve inspired you with these unique wedding unity ideas, make it special by creating your own spin.

Have a novel idea for a unity ceremony?

Share your creativity with the rest of us in the comments below!

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