4 Retirement Stories that Are Inspirational at Best for Gen Y

One of the basic questions that come to our mind when we think of retirement is- “What next?”, “Will I be travelling?”, or “Spend rest of your life with kids?” Well, every person has his own way of living life post-retirement.

As times have changed, the current generation must think a step ahead. Planning right from the early age of work becomes important to have a peaceful retirement life ahead.

In the following sections, we bring you some inspirational retirement stories that can inspire the next generation to follow the route:

  1. Harjinder Singh: Regulating Traffic Since Retirement

Sh. Harjinder Singh, a senior citizen after getting retired from the post of Police Sub-Inspector in 2009, has been regulating traffic in a small town in Crystal Chowk, Amritsar, Punjab.

He has been working relentlessly to bring down the traffic chaos and educate people about traffic etiquette. He doesn’t believe in sitting back and relaxing after retirement, instead wants to work for the betterment of the society.

He says, ” I had watched civilians working as traffic marshals to manage traffic in some foreign countries on television. It instantly came to my mind that I can also work as a traffic marshal after retirement. I feel that there is a need to educate school students as they are the future drivers.”

What a better way to inspire youngsters to understand how you can make your city better even after you retire.

  1. Todd Tresidder: Inspiring Others to Pursue Their Passion

Todd Tresidder, after working for 12 years as fund investment manager retired at the age of 35. According to Todd, anyone who is driven to get retired at the early age, may find hard to live leisure lifestyle rest of the life.

Right after his wife encouraged him to offer help to people with investments, he turned into a writer and authored several books on finance. One of the famous books is ‘How much money do I need to retire’.

According to Todd, to save money for retirement and build assets faster, you need to save high-percentage of your income. This is because to retire early you need your savings to suffice you for longer period.

His books can really inspire young generation thinking to retire early and save money.

  1. Budgeting Choices by Billy and Akaisha Kaderli

After retiring at the age of 38, both Billy and Akaisha Kaderli are now retirement experts and authors of some top finance and world travel book.

In late 1979, the couple purchased Luther’s, a 43-seat restaurant in Santa Cruz, California. For the next ten years, the couple operated the restaurant that earned them fame and money. Even after Billy became VP of the investment firm, Akaisha continued to run the restaurant.

After gauging their lifestyle and bank balance, they retired at the early age. In 1991, they moved to Nevis and decided to become gypsy and travelled globally.

The decision of early retirement and travelling paid off well due to proper planning and saving right from the early stage.

  1. Martin and Marion: Living Life to the Fullest

After moving in East Yorkshire, Martin and Marion enjoyed every moment of their retirement at the low-maintenance property at Sovereign court. They had plenty of spare time to focus on their passion for Tandem-Bike-Cycling.

Martin, 65, says, “We love to go on adventures together and see where we end up. Four legs are better than two; it’s a great way to keep fit and enjoy some uninterrupted time together just to chat. There’s nothing better than the shared accomplishment you feel; it’s amazing the things you can discover and the beautiful places it can take you.”

They also joined the weekly community exercise at the Stamford Bridge. One of the reasons they moved from the earlier place was because of the increasing pressure of living on a large family. Since Martin had a heart attack, they learnt that life is too short, better to live life by following their passion.

Final Words

Like these four stories, there are many inspiring retirement stories, reading which the current and next generation can take inspiration from. The ultimate goal you should set is to do things wisely and engage yourself in activities which you couldn’t perform during your work life.

In this regard, to lead a peaceful retirement life and earn a steady income after retirement, you must consider investing in retirement plans in India. Typically, a retirement plan or retirement fund is an insurance product designed to provide you with financial security in golden years when your working income stops.

Moreover, investment done in these retirement plans allows you to create a fund which you can withdraw in parts or as a whole, post your retirement.

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