4 Reasons to Invest in Turnkey Real Estate

While lots of investors will try to convince you that the stock market is the way to go, you could do a lot more with rental properties than the 2% the market offers. By investing in property, you get to own property that appreciates in value. Buying into turnkey real estate allows you to also collect a steady revenue stream through rentals.

With more millennials renting than owning than ever before, the rental market has never been bigger at any point in history. The future of renting is sure to continue or even increase. Owning a turnkey rental property means you’ve got supply as demand continues to grow.

If you’re considering investing in turnkey real estate, here are 4 reasons it’s a great idea

  1. You Can Collect From Abroad

There are few investments that you can make money from while not having to be nearby. Rental properties allow you to collect a check while living in a completely different part of the world.

While being a landlord can be a struggle, turnkey companies are a great place to invest without the headache of overseeing apartments.

Whether you live outside the country or just in another town, your investment in turnkey rental property will give you benefits without the costs.

  1. Have a Great Staff

Turnkey companies are usually professionally staffed property management companies with plenty of staff. They’ll have people who are working in-house as well as the best contractors and vendors in the area to provide additional services.

If you have a plumbing, roofing, or lease related issue, that company will have an expert on the scene with just a phone call.

When you invest in your own property, you’ll have to juggle all of these roles yourself. Handing control over to a professional staff allows you to make sure properties are taken care of without having to lift a hammer or tighten a bolt yourself.

Rather than figuring out what tools you need for home improvement, put your money into turnkey property.

  1. Marketing Is Taken Care Of

Turnkey properties are often owned by large companies who’ve spent years mapping out the local real estate market. They’ve likely created a marketing machine that churns out leases, deals with promotion, and fills apartments like clockwork.

Turn key rental properties are usually marketed through strong leads in both traditional and digital channels. Property companies have their leads coming through the marketing funnel with reliability. If you were to buy and start renting a property on your own, you’d have to start without any help.

Have all of your marketing already in place by investing in turnkey properties.

  1. They’ve Got Management Experience

The average person isn’t a great property manager. It takes years of experience and practice to know how to deal with a variety of tenant issues in a way that keeps the train moving along.

Take advantage of an experienced staff through your investment in turnkey property.

Turnkey Real Estate Has So Many Benefits

Aside from the money you’re investing in a real estate market, investing in turnkey real estate can be a great jumping off point. If you’re thinking about getting involved in property management in the future, turnkey can help get your feet wet.

If you’re ready to start investing in turnkey property, contact us for more tips to get started.

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