4 Gardening Hacks That’ll Transform Your Backyard

Gardening is fun. Some of us consider it a hobby, others a source of income while others just do gardening for aesthetic reasons.

The beauty of it is that we can always have a reason to smile about gardening altogether.

There are also no written rules on how to do it. We can craft our own clever ways of making our gardening ventures more unique, successful, and inexpensive too.

Brilliant and creative ideas make gardens beautiful and productive. What are some of these gardening hacks that we need to learn?

4 Gardening Hacks

  1. Eggshells for Young Seedlings

You perhaps have bought planting bags from your local store to start some young seedlings. Purchase of the bags may have come hand in hand with some calcium and phosphate supplements too.

The two items come at a price. In the farmyard, eggshells must be lying there used. Here comes the hack: start the seedlings in the eggshells and save the pennies.

Try getting shells that are not very shattered.

The shells are absolutely free and can later provide a source of calcium and phosphates for the growing seedlings. Wasn’t that easy?

  1. Plastic Folks to Keep Away Animals

Rabbits, raccoons and many other animals cause a lot of damage if they accidentally come across a garden.

A rabbit in your carrot garden can really cause a great deal of damage if not discovered in time.

While you also don’t want to harm your pets when chasing them from the garden, the plants are equally important.

Many traps that are available in stores may harm your pets or even cause danger to young children playing in the garden.

How about if you planted a number of folks upside down on the garden in the midst of plants? Perfect plan.

No raccoons, no rodents. This is a simple hack that is exceptionally cheap and easy to implement.

  1. Plant a Bottle with Holes Next to Your Seedling

During summer, temperatures can go really high. Soil loses a lot of moisture during this time.

Getting a bottle, then making holes on it is the 1st step. You then need to dig a hole next to the plant without tampering with the roots. Insert the bottle, bury it and add water.

Your seedlings might not feel the summer heat with such a hack in place. The gardening hack can is usable even for large plants. The hack is also workable for a hydroponic system.

Once the bottle is well fitted, add water using a hose and wait to see the plants thrive.

  1. Baking Soda Hacks

Waste baking soda powder from time to time we might find waste or spilled baking soda in the kitchen.

At times, you are not sure about the validity of its expiry date or the cleanliness of the baking soda. Baking soda is rich in calcium carbonates.

Calcium makes the plant healthy and assists during the flowering process as well. This gardening guide requires a small amount of baking soda for each plant.

Easy to Implement

Gardening should be easy and less hectic. It also needs to be cheap. After all, no one wants to spend a fortune on a small number of plants either.

The hacks provided above are easy and really effective.

Gardening hacks are dynamic and change by the day. You can always choose the best gardening hacks for the backyard garden, so keep up to date by following our website.

Contact us today for more gardening tips and easy garden hacks.

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