3 Air Conditioning Tips to Improve the Quality of the Air You Breathe at Home

Anything from asthma to dry skin could be caused by problems with air conditioning in your building. If the air quality you’re getting from your system isn’t clean and high-quality, there’s no telling the ways you could get sick. Without following a few key air conditioning tips, you could be putting yourself or your family in danger.

Air conditioning is necessary to the health and comfort of people who are living in extreme heat or humidity conditions. Without air conditioning, people become irritable and frustrated or could even pass out. Quality air conditioning services are the key to our health and safety during extreme weather.

If you’re worried that your air conditioning system isn’t performing at its prime, make sure you check out these:

3 Air Conditioning Tips to Ensure it Lasts Through the Heat

  1. Change Your Filters

One of the best ways to ensure that you’re getting the best quality air from your system is to be rigorous about your filter maintenance. Whether you’ve got an in-window unit or a central air system, filters are keeping dust and debris out of your living space.

Once those filters get clogged, the quality of your air will drop precipitously. The air coming into your house will be forced through a blanket of dust, dirt, mold, and other debris. At that point, there’s no way to keep yourself from breathing in low-quality air.

  1. Listen to Your System

Make sure that you’re always listening to your system, day and night. If the gears seem to be grinding or if your compressor is working harder than normal, take a quick look at it. If your fans are covered with dust or seem to be damaged, they could be having a negative effect on your system’s efficiency.

Listening for subtle changes to your system can help you to detect issues before they become troublesome and expensive. At the first sign of trouble, hire a professional to check out your system.

  1. Make Sure Passageways Are Clear

Making sure passageway for air is clear is important to maintaining the best quality oxygen in your home. If birds or mice build their nest in your ducts, you could end up spreading an outbreak of hantavirus to everyone in the building. If you run a company, this could be a work safety issue.

If mold or animal waste ends up in your ducts, you could spread bad smells or dangerous bacteria to anyone near a duct. The number of airborne diseases that could spread throughout your home or office isn’t worth taking the risk on. Make sure your ducts are always nice and clean.

Follow Air Conditioning Tips To Stay Healthy

If you follow these simple air conditioning tips, your system will stay healthy and so will you. A clogged or inefficient air conditioning system could make it difficult to work or to relax in your office or home. Keep calm and comfortable by keeping an eye on your system.

If you suspect your air conditioning is affecting your sleep pattern, check out these tips for avoiding insomnia.

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