15 Delicious and Easy Healthy Snacks for Adults

We love to snack. Snacks to keep us busy doing our homework, we snack when we are bored and who can watch a movie without popcorn or something crunchy? Almost everyone loves to snack, but it isn’t always all bad news.

Snacking can keep our hunger at bay, it can give us energy and it can help us stick to a healthy diet. But not all snacks are alike. If we snack because we are stressed or sad, we tend to eat the wrong foods.

But fear not, healthy snacks for adults are alive and well. You can still eat away the pain of losing your job or a recent break-up without eating a full tub of ice cream. Let’s take a closer look at some healthier options for all your snacking cravings.

Healthy Snacks for Adults

If you need a quick snack for your break at work or just something to get you to the lunch break, there are better alternatives available.


Here is a great way to keep away from added fats and sodium and still have a sweet treat.

  1. Apple

An apple a day, as the saying goes. Apples are healthy, come in their own packaging and you can just take them with you in your bag or with your lunch.

  1. Banana

Bananas have potassium and are a great, delicious snack food. They can also be dried into banana chips for an easy, hassle-free snack that transports easily. Use banana in your smoothie to add texture, flavor, and nutrition.

  1. Oranges

Take your pick for your favorite type of orange, this citrusy ball of goodness is packed with vitamin C, cures your sweet craving and can be taken anywhere.

  1. Grapes

Just rinse and drop into a bag or sealable container and you have a whole bunch of tiny snacks. Full of nutrients, fiber and they are sweet and juicy.

  1. Mixed Fruit

If you are so inclined, you can cut up your fruit for a mixed bag of fruit snacks to satisfy that

sweet tooth. You can also buy prepared fruit snacks or find them dried or in fruit bars.

You can easily make your own fruit rolls, fruit-based baked goods or have them sliced in jars or other convenient containers to carry with you. Fruit will freeze well, preserve well and is perfect for your low-fat, low-carb muffins.


If you are not a fan of vegetables, you are not alone. But vegetables not only provide nutrients but as snack food, they provide that all-important crunch sensation we all love.

  1. Carrots, Celery, Cucumbers

Cut up and ready to go, they are a great snack for in the car, the morning break or in front of a television or computer screen. Full of fiber and other important vitamin and nutrients, you can eat as much as you like.

  1. Avocado

Mother nature’s mayonnaise, the avocado is full of the good fat and full of goodness. You can use it for a nice guacamole to go with your veggies, add it to a smoothie or just eat it as it is. It does come in its own bowl.

  1. Tomatoes

The smaller, cherry tomatoes are a great healthy snack, bursting with flavor and are easy to take with you. But you can have them baked, stuffed, dried, chopped up into a beautiful bruschetta or in a salad.

  1. Cauliflower and Broccoli

These vegetables are gaining ground in the snack world, not just for eating raw but as a nice substitute for other, heavier foods.

You can find great ways to use them, baked, roasted and add some cheese or other seasonings to give them a low calorie, delicious healthy boost.

  1. Veg Chips

Making your own chips can really cut back on the fat and sodium that is added to regular potato chips. You can bake them to keep the fat content low and choose whatever types of vegetables you like. Beets, sweet potato, regular potatoes, carrots, and zucchini are a few suggestions.

You can also buy vegetable chips, but make sure they are baked. it’s a fun activity to do if you have kids that like to help in the kitchen. These are easy, nutritious and travel very well.

Other Snacks

We are not limited to fruits and vegetables, so here are a few more ideas.

  1. Yogurt

You will not have any trouble finding yogurt, and it can be a great, easy and healthy snack. You can have it as it is, find it frozen for that sweet tooth craving or add your own fruits or favorite items that you like. You can use it to make a dip for your raw vegetables.

  1. Nuts

Nuts are a great healthy snack for adults, packed full of protein, nutrients and they are delicious. Find them anywhere, you can mix and match your favorites and add your own dried fruit or eat them as is.

  1. Smoothies

Choose your base, like milk or nut-based milk and then build your best smoothie. Choose whatever you like and fill your carry cup to take to the office, to the big game or your power breakfast.

  1. Popcorn

Air-popped or microwaved, popcorn can have all the salty, crunchie parts we love about snacking without the fats or too much sodium. You can add other seasonings, like curry powder, Italian seasonings and use other oils, like olive or coconut.

  1. Dairy

Cheese, cottage cheese or milk-based treats provide calcium, protein and other healthy nutrients and they are easy to prepare and travel well.

Get Snacking

Snacking doesn’t need to be a bad habit, and in fact, it can be a healthy part of your daily diet. All you need to do is make healthy snacking choices. Many snack foods you can buy are very health conscious but be sure you read the labels.

We all love to snack and making healthy options at home keeps the dentist away, the doctor away and our waistlines trim. You can find healthy snacks, meals and drink ideas here to keep you inline and still enjoy your snack foods.

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