15 Best Sites to Watch Free Movies Online Without Downloading

If you’re wondering how to watch movies online for free, it’s the way to go these days. It’s more practical with some of the best sites to watch free movies being available on the Internet.

You surely don’t want to hit the theater every time you’d like to watch a movie. All you need is a reasonably fast Internet connection to watch free movies online.

Here’s to a lot of binge watching with the top 15 websites offering free movies online.

While selecting the best free movie websites to watch films online, I’ve evaluated them based on the following to locate where to watch movies online:

  • Mobile friendliness
  • The Video/Audio quality of free films online
  • Frequency of quality updates
  • Absence of annoying pop up ads while watching online movies for free

These are some of the top free movie watching sites:

  1. YouTube.com


Millions of people all over the world use YouTube for watching movies online free.


  • Few ads.
  • You can select based on the view counts, the rating or the comments from visitors to decide whether you want to watch a film.
  • The video quality is good for some movies, and bad for others. It’s actually quite a hit and miss method.
  • Full screen mode, Watch Later options, alterations in video speed, turning on captions, editing color, size, font, subtitles and so on are available.
  • It has a mobile app.


  • No sorting facility based on genre, like those found in other streaming sites.
  • No specific home page showing all the movies available.
  • No filters based on popularity and genre when you watch free online movies.
  1. SnagFilms.com


SnagFlims has thousands of online movie streaming content that you can watch.

One of the attractive features of the site, while considering how to watch movies for free, is that after you start watching movies on the site, it starts recommending the films for your taste, based on your viewing.


  • High quality with usual categories.
  • Few advertisements.
  • You can modify the volume; move back or forward, play the full screen mode or even make changes to the quality of the video.
  • You can use options, such as like the movie on Facebook, watch the trailer or share it on social media.
  • Queue of movies is possible and you can watch these later on.
  • It has a mobile app.


  • Streaming quality depends on the network speed.
  1. Crackle.com


Crackle is one of the best free movie streaming sites for both old and new movies online.


  • Good collection of free new movies online, dating from the 1960s to the present.
  • No buffering, but the experience might vary based on your Internet speed.
  • Comes with a free movie application, which is easy to use. It’s well organized without clutter. You can view the cast, the description, the rating and other details of a selection.


  • However, some movies may not be available all the time. They are removed after a specific time frame, though it is one of the top websites to watch free movies. You need to finish a movie in one sitting or it could very well be gone.
  • There are plenty of long ads when you watch movies free, with one appearing at the beginning of each video.
  1. MyDownloadTube.com


MyDownloadTube offers a rich online movie streaming option.

  • One of the best free online movie sites with HD movies that you can watch for free online.
  • You can also download the movies optionally.
  • The site is updated with new content almost on a daily basis.
  • It offers support for subtitles, so you can watch foreign content as well.
  • Offers a quick means of selecting, with a ‘What’s Hot’ feature present on the home screen.
  • Watch a trailer, select subtitles, watch online or download options with just a click.
  1. HouseMovie.to


A highlight of HouseMovie is that when you wish to watch a specific movie, you can press on the movie icon and get a brief description, the recommendations or the movie along with a reference list for viewing the movie online. There are several user references for this free film site.

  • Ease of selection with different categories like Latest Added and Updated Movies; New Movies; Popular Movies.
  • Selection based on genres like Action, Crime, News, Romance, Sci-Fi, Western, Animation, Comedy, Mystery, Sport, History, Drama and several others.
  • The site structure is simple and easy to follow.
  • Good image quality.
  • Option to share feedback and offer recommendations.
  1. YesMovies.to


  • There is an additional, special category called ‘Requested’ featuring the top requested movies by users of YesMovies.
  • You can also select movies based on specific countries, such as the US, Korea, Japan or simply select the ‘All’ category.
  • Other special criteria for selection include Hot, Top favorite, Top rating and Top Views today, to make your search easier.
  • Short description of movies is provided for the popular ones.
  1. GoMovies.to



  • GoMovies is equipped with the usual categories like Genre and Country, latest movies, requested and so on.
  • In addition, there is a special Top IMDB category, where you will find movies that have a high rating on IMDB.
  • You can read the latest news about movies.
  • In order to receive updates for movies, you can subscribe to the mailing list.


  • Comes with ads
  1. MovieWatcher.io

MovieWatcher Watch Movies Online


  • On MovieWatcher streaming links are offered from external hosters, as it crawls an external site for streaming a link and then extracts the video.
  • Free portal and requires no registration.
  • Best quality links with AVI or MPEG and HD format.
  • You can browse movies based on genre or actors, date of release, by name and so on.


  • You have to register in order to watch a streaming link.
  • Streaming links also contain plenty of ads.
  1. CartoonHD.cc


CartoonHD offers free access to full-length movies, with plenty of box office hits of recent years featuring in it.


  • Offers an experience similar to Netflix.
  • Wide range of movies.
  • Well-designed site.
  • Easy sorting based on popularity and IMDB rating, most watched category and so on.
  • Add to watch list to view later.


  • It’s not mandatory to create your account and sign in. However, it offers more benefits, such as adding favorites.
  1. ClassicCinemaOnline.com


As is obvious by the name, ClassicCinemaOnline offers excellent classic movies, such as Flash Gordon and Dick Tracy.


  • Sorting based on Serials or Silent Films and Movie Billboards.
  • Other genres include sci-fi, Western, musicals and comedies, crime, action and drama.
  • You can also download the movies or even purchase them.
  • No ads or commercials.


  • No mobile platform.
  • Mostly black and white movies.
  • Video quality is below par, as most of the movies are old ones.
  • Movies are gathered from YouTube, so there is buffering, depending on your network connections.
  1. PopCornFlix.com


You can watch online movies both in the US and in Canada on PopcornFlix.


  • Additional genres, such as National Geographic Wild, Wild West, Critically Acclaimed, Rockstars, Espanol and Bros Movies among others.
  • It has additional sites, known as PopcornFlixkids; and FrightPix – the former is for kid’s movies and the latter for horror movies.
  • It has a free app for iOS and Android, so you can watch the moves using your iPhone, Android phone and on Amazon Kindle.


  • The site is supported by ads, so you may have to sit through some boring commercial breaks
  1. Viewster.com

Viewster Watch Movies Online

Viewster offers an easy way of finding movies and trailers without creating accounts.


  • Homepage is well organized.
  • You can view the synopsis, the duration of the movie and the rating.
  • HotScore feature offers a score for the movie, based on user views, the date of addition, the number of social media shares and so on.
  • Social media sharing buttons available.
  • It comes with a free movie mobile app and can be used on the iPhone.


  • Video quality is not comparable to other such websites.
  • No subtitles.
  1. TopDocumentaryFilms.com


For those interested in documentaries, you needn’t look beyond TopDocumentaryFilms.

  • Easy browsing based on categories like Art and Artists, Biography, Conspiracy, Crime, Drugs, Politics, Religion, Science amongst others.
  • The number of films available in each category is also specified.
  • You can add comments and provide views.
  • Purchasing option available.
  1. TubiTV.com


TubiTv Offers an amazing platform with an ocean of movies of different genres.


  • Comes with both iOS and Android apps, so you can have a mobile experience as well.
  • The GUI design of the site is simple and user friendly.
  • New content offered on a regular basis.


  • Comes with ads, as this is the only way to support a free site.
  1. Fmovies.se

Fmovies Watch Free Online Movies

  • Navigation is easy and simple on Fmovies.
  • You can also download a movie merely with a click.
  • Selection of a targeted country.
  • Great kungfu category.
  • Fast updates with plenty of quick content being added on a regular basis.

Final Thought

Watching movies online without downloading it is a great means of entertainment. So go get that popcorn and settle down in your recliner. It’s fun time and that too for free. This is especially so if you have a good Internet speed. You can watch movies online without spending money.

Bottom line is, you can go ahead and watch the free online movies on the website, but no need to download it. If you think something is fishy about an app, listen to your instincts.

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