11 Career Opportunities for LLB Graduates You Never Thought Of

Feeling a little burnt out after receiving your degree and looking to work in another field? You’re not alone, as only about a quarter of college graduates find a job related to their major. It might be time to think about other career opportunities for LLB graduates.

If you’re not sure what the possibilities could be with your background, here are 11 great careers that a law degree sets you up for perfectly.

11 Career Opportunities for LLB Graduates

  1. Non-Profit Manager

Law school teaches stronger management and leadership skills more than any other advanced degree program. Out of all the career opportunities for LLB graduates, working in non-profit management can be rewarding.

From the foundation of their mission plan to day-to-day operations, your knowledge of the law could be a great asset to a non-profit operation.

Often non-profits are filled with passionate people who are driven by their intelligence and emotions but lack the training that lawyers have. Knowing how to work within the legal system could aid the mission of a non-profit and save valuable time and resources.

  1. Journalism or Writing

Journalists and writers rely heavily on research and legal analysis. The experience that law students receive in law school makes journalism one of the most interesting career opportunities for LLB graduates.

John Grisham is one of the more famous lawyers to find a career in writing. Having insight into the inner working of the law can provide a useful background for writing fiction as well as economics, technology, and world affairs.

On top of that, the years of writing in academia can provide the kind of experience to make deadlines a whole lot easier.

  1. Public Interest Advocacy

Likely, years of research in law school built a high degree of knowledge around certain subjects of interest. In many cases, LLB graduates build a passion for a subject in the public interest and learn enough to specialize.

Whether you’re lobbying on behalf of an individual building of tenants or for the rights of workers on a factory floor, you could influence decision making from city hall to Washington, DC.

Get to know your elected officials and call offices of interest to find out what projects they’re working on. You might have the knowledge base to put you on their team with just a phone call.

  1. Research/Academics

Did you love spending hours at a law library combing through legal documents or constitutional law texts? Perhaps your university or a local law school needs to hire researchers.

Law professors and law schools are often looking for research assistants. You also might consider a future in teaching. There’s no need to rush to an advanced or professional degree.

Academia is a great place for LLB graduates who love to keep learning.

  1. Artist Representation

There are countless stories throughout the 20th century of great artists who lost it all. There are also stories of artists who’ve had their work and ideas stolen from them without the possibility of legal recourse.

Having an advocate in their corner could save headaches and protect the work of artists. Whether as an agent or as an art law specialist in an institution, people with an understanding of the law are in short supply in the arts.

Imagine how great it would feel to help an underappreciated musician get the funds they deserve for a cover or sample used in a hit song.

  1. Real Estate Developer

Lots of real estate firms deal with complicated zoning and legal hurdles when working on new projects. Having someone on the team who knows how to deal with those conflicts can be a massive asset to a real estate group.

There are few career opportunities for LLB graduates that could also be as lucrative as working in real estate. Working in a field that has a fairly unlimited growth potential could be a great way to begin your career.

  1. Fundraiser

Non-profits, charities, and political campaigns all struggle with the same thing: fundraising. Having someone around who knows how to get funding and who knows how to spend it can be a huge help.

A background in tax law can assist fundraising groups in maintaining their legal status while making sure they’re not losing hard-to-raise funds to taxes.

  1. Human Resources

So many companies struggle with compliance in their human resource departments. Even for human resource specialists, there are so many legal issues that might seem hard to understand without a background in law.

Understanding how to protect the constitutional and municipal rights of employees and companies can make an LLB graduate a great addition to an HR department.

Your background can help protect employees from harassment and unlawful treatment. It can also be a lucrative job as you can keep companies out of court for accidental violations.

  1. Government and Politics

Many great politicians from Lincoln to Obama have had a background in law. Even elected officials at the city level have studied law.

The offices of elected officials and political advocacy groups always have room for law graduates. Everything from a government office to a ticket firm requires an understanding of public law.

There’s plenty of opportunity in the public sector.

  1. Banking and finance

The financial sector is filled with laws and regulations. The people who succeed the most in finance understand estates, small business, and tax law.

Whether you want to actually practice law in the financial sector or get on the trading floor, having legal knowledge can make you a great addition to a team.

There are also great opportunities if you decide to work as an economist.

  1. Entrepreneur

If none of these career opportunities for LLB graduates makes sense for you, maybe you want to forge your own path. Becoming an entrepreneur can be easy for someone who knows something about potential legal hurdles of starting a small business.

A studious LLB graduate will have the tenacity and work ethic to build any kind of business from the ground up. You might have exactly what it takes to become a successful entrepreneur.

There Are Even More Career Opportunities For LLB Graduates

If none of these career choices works for you, take some time after graduation and try something completely different. If you miss the kind of work and research you did over your years obtaining your LLB, perhaps you’ll consider getting an advanced degree.

While you decide what you want to do, you can think about any number of great jobs to work from home. There’s no shortage of need for qualified LLB graduates, so finding the right path is only a matter of where you want to start your career.

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