10 Ways To Inspire Others To Live Their Best Life

How to Inspire Others to Achieve the Best Things in Life

Close your eyes and think about the people you look up to. Name each person one by one and ask yourself what it is about them that inspires you.

Maybe you look up to your mom for how loving and compassionate she is, or you admire your best friend’s patience, or your favorite movie star’s talents. Whether these people are close to you or people you’ve never met, somehow, they’ve made a powerful effect on your life.

How can you do this for others? To be inspiring doesn’t mean you have to have it all together or be an expert on a certain subject. There are many everyday habits that inspire others, you just have to know which ones to focus on.

Here are ten ways you can become a person that inspire others

  1. Stand for Your Beliefs

Inspiration is all based on emotion – you have to make people feel something very moving in order to inspire them. One of the best ways to do this is to stand for your beliefs, whatever they may be.

Whether you’re a Christian or a Muslim, pro-life or pro-choice, vegan or non-vegan, your beliefs shape your lifestyle. When these beliefs are challenged – either directly or by current events and trends and society – you have two choices. You can stand up for your beliefs or standby.

If you choose to say something or do something (in a peaceful manner), you can inspire others to do the same. If you sit back, you’re sending a message that it’s not your fight, and others don’t have to worry about what they believe in, either.

  1. Be a Hard Worker

There are big challenges to tackle in the world, then there’s your own to-do list to take care of. Still, being disciplined in your work can inspire people around you to do the same.

When a coworker sees you putting in long hours and coming in early, they’re more likely to do the same. When a friend or family member who doesn’t even work with you hears you talk about the passion you have for your job, they’re going to be inspired to chase their own dream job.

  1. Take Care of Yourself

Inspiring others can also be as simple as taking care of yourself.

You hear it all the time: a friend says they want to start going to the gym, your parents talk about eating healthier, or your coworker mentions they just downloaded a meditation app to use during their breaks. These are simple lifestyle habits you should be doing.

The more you make a genuine effort to take care of your mind and body, the more it shows. People will wonder why you seem happier, some may even say you’re glowing. This is your chance to mention all the wellness habits that benefit you, which can help others as well.

  1. Care for Others

Sometimes, people simply need to be cared for before they can care for themselves better. This is especially true for someone who recently went through a breakup, lost their job, or a person just trying to get through their semester.

Be there for your people. Offer consolation and understanding.

There are moments when what inspires people most is knowing they are enough. Remind your friends and family of their best selves when life gets overwhelming and they start to forget.

  1. Be (Brutally) Honest

As great as comfort can be, you may need to use some tough love, too. If someone you know is struggling with addiction or stuck in a bad relationship, you need to tell them what’s up.

Sit them down and have a straightforward conversation to help them see the truth in their situation. This may be the turning point they needed to become more honest with themselves and finally make a better change in their life.

  1. Challenge Your Loved Ones

Maybe the people in your life are already well aware of where they can improve, but they just don’t want to. In this case, to inspire them means to challenge them.

Tell your best friend to try going to the gym at least twice this week. Encourage your mom to cook with less butter or to throw out all the junk food in her pantry. These are small shifts that can create huge results in people’s lives, all because you gave them a little push.

  1. Hold Your People Accountable

The challenges mentioned above are basically nudges in the right direction to help people reach their goals. But, what if someone you know has had a big goal they’ve been putting off for too long? In such cases, the best way to inspire them is to hold them accountable.

Show them they really can do the things they’re dreaming of. Help this individual create a timeline of mini-goals to help them achieve their big task. Then, be the voice of reason for them every step of the way.

  1. Offer Support and Understanding

The tricky thing about inspiration is that it can’t replace hard work or self-discipline. As motivated as someone may be to make a change, they still have to actually make it happen.

Sometimes, all you have to do is support them on their journey. If this is someone you’ve taken under your wing to mentor, tell them you’ve been in their shoes before. Offer a bit of wisdom and encouragement for them to keep going.

If it’s a person you’re close to and have a good relationship with, just be there for them. Gauge what they need in this moment.

Your way of being inspiring might be sitting with them in the library while they finish their thesis or being their gym buddy. Or, it might be taking them to the beach to give them the mental break they need to avoid burnout.

  1. Share Your Enthusiasm for Life

Support and understanding don’t always have to be direct. There are times when what inspires people most is seeing others feeling inspired and driven by their own dreams.

Share your enthusiasm for all the good in your life as well as the challenges you’re working on overcoming. Be careful not to brag, but, don’t feel like you have to hold back your excitement, either.

When true friends see you succeed, they’re going to cheer for you. Then, they’ll probably have a moment of reflection that reminds them they can succeed just as much, too.

  1. Live YOUR Best Life

At the end of the day, the most natural form of being an inspiring person is to be yourself. Live your best life; chase the dreams you’ve always thought of and create the lifestyle that best suits you.

When people see how happy and at peace you are with the world around you, they’re going to want to know what the secret is. In reality, there is no secret and life isn’t perfect, but when you learn to appreciate life and listen to the things that inspire you, great things can happen.

How to Inspire Others During Tough Times

There’s one major thing to keep in mind as you work to inspire others: it’s very different to inspire a person when they’re reaching for a positive goal versus when they’re facing a big, daunting challenge.

You can’t support someone who is depressed and unhappy in the same way you support a friend who just launched their new business. Each situation requires its own version of inspiration.

Sometimes, they need professional help like therapy or counseling. Here are three reasons you may have to suggest such methods in order to help the people you care about.

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