10 Ways to Ensure Your Employees Feel Appreciated

Tips to Make Your Employees Feel Appreciated

  • Are you looking for ways to avoid a high employee turnover?
  • Do you sense a general dissatisfaction among your employees?

Keeping your employees happy is one of the best ways to run a thriving company. If your employees are happy and feel appreciated then they will be motivated to produce high-quality work.

This article will teach you 10 ways to make sure your employees feel appreciated so that their productivity will increase and your business will prosper.

  1. Host Progress Meetings

Host regular meetings with your staff where you talk about all of the progress the company has made over the past few weeks. Sometimes bosses get too caught up in what is still left to do and don’t focus on what’s already been accomplished.

When you take time to acknowledge the work your employees have done and the tangible results of that work then they’ll feel appreciated.

  1. Plan Small Excursions

Being cooped up in the office all day causes people to feel sluggish and lethargic.

Instead, plan small monthly excursions for you and your staff that you think they will enjoy. Ideas include an afternoon at the aquarium or a trip to a local dessert room.

  1. Give out Rewards

Just because you’re paying your employees to do their job doesn’t mean you can’t reward them when they go above and beyond.

In the show The Office, Michael Scott chose to host a “Dundies” awards ceremony where he catered the awards to the people in the office.

If you don’t want to go that far you could always just give smaller rewards during office hours.

Custom medallions could be made for different people in the office who’ve performed exemplary at work.

  1. Ask Them What They Think

In order to be a good boss, you must be open to constructive criticism from your employees.

Listen to their complaints and ideas for how they want to make the company better. Ask them what they think works about their position and what they need to perform better.

Make sure you’re giving your employees all the tools they need in order to succeed at their job. In order to get anonymous feedback, you can set up a suggestion box.

  1. Celebrate Holidays

Most people would rather be at home with their families on holidays than stuck in the office.

Make holidays more fun for your employees by going all out in celebrating them. Make sure you’re inclusive of all holidays that your employees might celebrate.

Up the ante by having contests for different holidays. For instance, for Halloween have a costume contest and for Christmas have a gingerbread decorating contest.

  1. Do Team Building Activities

One way to keep your employees happy at work is to make sure they’re getting along well with their fellow employees.

Team building activities such as improve games, board games, or escape rooms are a great way to get your team to bond.

Escape rooms are one of the most fun and interesting company outings that will really show your employee’s personalities. You’ll get to watch which employees take charge and which sit back and let others do the work. But most of all, you’ll all have a fun afternoon and it only takes one hour to complete a room.

They’ll be able to learn more about each other and see where their own strengths lie.

  1. Provide them With Food and Caffeine

Everybody’s happier with a stomach full of good food and coffee.

As often as you can afford it, treat your office to fresh coffee and pastries or snacks. Bringing in food will make your employees feel appreciated and enhance their productivity.

  1. Have Birthday Parties

Celebrating your employee’s birthdays is a great way to make them feel wanted in the office.

It’s even better if you can personalize their birthday cake and the theme of their party to things they actually like. Your employee will remember the nice birthday party you through for them in the office and it will make them appreciate their role in the company.

  1. Keep the Office Organized

Nobody wants to work in a cluttered and disorganized office.

Make sure you make the office a nice place to work in by keeping communal areas tidy. Don’t lump it on one employee’s shoulders to always clean up after everyone.

Make sure people understand the standards that they need to keep their work area in. It’s equally important to make sure the office is well stocked with all paper and office supplies your employees may need.

You will lose productivity if employees are unable to find pens and paper to get basic tasks done.

  1. Set Incentives for Reaching Goals

Create goals for your employees and give them rewards when they reach those goals.

Make sure you write the goal somewhere prominent in the office so that your employees can look at is and feel motivated to work harder.

It’s easier to perform well when you have an incentive and you don’t want to let the group down.

Follow These Tips to Make Your Employees Feel Appreciated

All of the items on this list will make your employees feel welcome in the office.

Boosting employee morale is crucial in building a company that runs well. The more dedicated your employees are, the more work they’ll get done.

Make them feel happy and lucky to work at your company and they’ll stay longer. This will help you avoid the huge expense of hiring someone new to fill their positions.

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