10 Unique Gifts for Men Who Have Everything

Under 37% of people say that they find choosing the right gift, fun. That’s good for them but what about the other 63% of people? Finding the perfect gift can be a challenge.

This is all the more difficult for the man who has everything. How do you get a special gift for them?

Read on for a list of 10 unique gifts for men who have everything

  1. Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamp

The Himalayan Salt Lamps are handcrafted from naturally occurring salt from the lower reaches of the Himalayas. The wide range of shapes and styles come mounted on a marble base. Lit from the inside, they emit a warm ambient light that adds character to any man cave, office or living space.

The Himalayan Salt Lamps doesn’t just look wonderful. The practical use is also appealing.

Here’s the science bit.

It purifies the air because of the hygroscopic action of salt. This means it attracts moisture containing allergens, pollen, and bacteria eliminating them from the air. It also produces negatively charged ions neutralizing the harmful positively charged ions produced by the electronic equipment.

  1. Really Hot, Hot Sauce

Even men who don’t cook much have a signature dish. More often than not this is a chili-based taste sensation. Among the small gifts for men, that will get his heart racing is a bottle of hot sauce.

There are many on the market but few pack the punch of Dave’s Gourmet Insanity Sauce. It’s reputed to be “the hottest hot sauce in the universe”. The label describes it as being great to add one drop at a time to sauces and stews.

It’s not to be taken lightly. This is for serious chili heads. The label also says it “removes driveway grease stains”.

  1. Travel Speakers with Attitude

For guys that like their music a Bluetooth portable speaker is a must. He can go anywhere and always be able to play his favorite tunes. The key feature to look for is a long battery life so the music can play on and on.

The rock music buff will also appreciate the iconic amplifier and speaker brand or Marshall. Jim Marshall and his engineers created the “Marshall Sound” in London in the early 1960’s. Early customers were The Who and Deep Purple.

Now Marshall has created the Marshall Stockwell Bluetooth Speaker with the Marshall logo emblazoned across the front. It’s like a mini version of the huge stage speaker stacks. It’s even got real knobs he can adjust.

  1. Not a Polaroid Camera

Remember the Polaroid Camera? You have to be of a certain age to remember a time when you couldn’t take a photo with your phone and view it on screen. The Polaroid Camera solved the problem of having to wait to have the photographic film developed before you could see your snaps.

The instant film meant within a few minutes of taking a photo you had a printed photo slowly reveal itself in front of you. The mobile phone camera seems to make the Polaroid camera redundant but what if you want a hard copy of your photo? What if you are not prepared to wait to print it at home?

The Instant Photo Printer for iPhone is a pocket-sized instant printing solution. Print off a photo to carry with you or give away. Sharing a physical photo is much more meaningful than emailing a digital one, don’t you think?

  1. A Title and Lands

If the man who has everything has Scottish ancestry you may consider some Single Malt Whisky. Perhaps find one from the region of Scotland from where his family comes. He’s probably drunk some before and might even own a bottle or two already.

Many people who left Scotland did so as a result of major changes in the social and economic life of their homeland. Enclosures of the land drove many to leave the countryside and poverty or opportunities abroad led to emigration. Now it’s possible to take back a little of the homeland by buying a piece of Scotland.

With the small piece of Scotland comes the exciting prospect of a title. The man with everything can also be a Laird or Lord. All this comes with the knowledge that he is helping support a conservation project.

  1. Special Lunch Surprise

Not every gift has to cost the earth. It’s the thought that counts and putting a little thought into unique birthday gifts for him can mean a lot. When birthdays fall on a normal working day it’s nice to make them a little bit special.

If the man who has everything takes a homemade lunch to work, the usual lunch can be made a lot more exciting. Upgrade the meal with favorite foods and treats. Include a note with an expression of your love and promises of after work celebrations.

  1. Cabin Porn

It’s not what you think. Cabin Porn is the answer to a busy man’s desire. The desire for peace and tranquility.

The man who has everything is probably super busy getting and keeping everything. Unique gifts for him should help him find an escape from all the pressure. Cabin Porn by Zach Klein is a book, full of inspirational cabin building projects.

Even if he never finds the time to live this dream, he’ll love the photography and the idea of a simpler life. Probably best not to leave the book lying around as the title could raise some eyebrows.

  1. A Lower Handicap

The golfer who has everything will always appreciate any way of improving their golf score. You may be tired of hearing about his golf but help improve his game and the stories will be happy ones. Add to that the technological wizardry in this gift and you are on to a winner.

The Zepp Golf 2 3D Swing Analyzer sounds impressive. It measures various aspects of his swing and helps find opportunities to improve. It even coaches him using his swing data.

  1. Emergency Love Note

Small gifts for men such as key rings and keychain capsules are a great way of personalizing a gift. These unique gifts for him are cheap yet special. He can carry them with him wherever he goes and they can last forever.

Buy a capsule keychain key ring. Instead of securing money or medicine for emergency use, write a love note that he can keep with him always.

  1. Snack Dispenser

If your man is always hungry, a snack dispenser can keep the hunger pangs at bay. Based on the design used by bird feeders, the People Feeder is a treat dispenser for candy, nuts and more. It’s dishwasher proof and sure to go down well with hungry guests too.

Try These Unique Gifts for Men Who Have Everything

Take the pressure off yourself. Use this list of unique gifts for men who have everything to solve your gift-giving problems. Enjoy the pleasure of pain-free gifting and his surprise at your creativity.

For more ideas for gifting, click here.

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