10 Birthday Gift Ideas That People Actually Use

Why is it that no matter how well we think we know a person, choosing a gift for them is always hard? We have known our friend Dave since kindergarten. We know what Dave loves and enjoys, but when it comes to finding a gift for Dave our mind draws a blank. More than likely we wind up getting Dave some of the generic classic gifts – pair of socks, bottle of aftershave, a funny mug. Poor Dave.

Entering 2019 should mean starting the new year with a new leaf as far as gifts are concerned. No more boring pairs of socks for friends and family in 2019.

Let’s take a look at some swanky gifts that will make badass birthday presents in 2019.

  1. Leather Wallets

On the topic of swanky gifts, what could be swankier than a leather wallet? This is one of those things that most dudes would love and find useful but are unlikely to ever splurge on themselves. They probably carry the same old tattered wallet that they have had since college.

Leather wallets can be customized as much as desired with the option for selecting specific colors, or having initials engraved into the leather.

  1. A Gift Experience

For something a little out of the ordinary, consider gifting your friends and loved ones with an experience.

A chance to whizz around a race track in a Ferrari, a helicopter flying class, or a tandem skydive are all activities that they will remember for a lifetime.

  1. Bass-Pumping Headphones

Audiophiles and music lovers will always appreciate a good pair of headphones. Don’t allow your heavy rock loving friend to wander the streets with a cheap $0.99 store pair of tangled headphones.

Instead, gift them some plush, sound optimizing headphones that ooze style and comfort as well as making their favorite songs sound even better.

10 Birthday Gift Ideas

  1. Grooming Kits

No matter how alpha your friend may be, he will always appreciate a grooming kit or some kind of useful grooming tool. After all, no guy wants to look like a neanderthal and scare away the ladies.

Nose clippers, nail scissors and tweezers are always going to come in handy. Besides, they can be purchased in suave little black cases for ultimate manliness.

  1. Useful, Hobby-Specific Items

If you want to make sure that you buy people gifts that they are actually going to use, take a look at their hobbies and the kinds of things that they like to do in their free time. From there you can buy them a gift that will be useful.

For example, if your friend is a guitar playing metal head, he will surely appreciate some funky guitar picks or a new music book.

Alternatively, if your friend likes playing squash, consider paying for their annual pass to the sports center or buying them a new racquet. Hobby specific items can be as budget or as lavish as you deem appropriate.

  1. Handy Kitchen Appliances

When it comes to kitchen setups, most people have the basics. Appliances such as toastie makers, slow cookers, blenders and lean mean fat grilling machines are often considered as being “luxuries”.

A lot of people would love to have these items and would definitely use them, but would never go out and buy them for themselves. As such, these items make great gift ideas!

Best Birthday Gift Ideas

  1. Sweet Treats

To be honest, most of us turn into the cookie monster when gifted chocolates, candies or other sweet treats. That is not to say that they aren’t appreciated though! Consider buying people edible gifts that go to that extra level of special.

For example, handcrafted chocolates from Belgium, or little boxes of pastel colored macaroons from the local French patisserie.

  1. Cases of Wine

Unless your friend is a teetotaler, most people will enjoy the occasional glass of vino. Wine is a nice gift idea because it provides you with the opportunity to introduce your friend to something new.

Gifts such as cases of rose from the best vineyards in Napa Valley will be sure to delight your wine connoisseur friends.

  1. Digital Storage

Most of us have oodles of files stored on our laptops and computers. Whether it be for personal or professional reasons, chances are that the average person’s computer is chockablock with hundreds of megabytes of data that they have never backed up.

A portable hard drive or a selection of snazzy looking USB sticks will always be appreciated. More than likely this is something that your friend always needed anyway but kept forgetting to purchase!

  1. Travel Kits

Most people love to travel in some capacity or another. Whether they are the adventurous type that sees themselves as a bit of an Indiana Jones trekking through mountains and wilderness, or an occasional city break fan, there are certain things that most people need to use during travel. Toiletries, soaps, etc. are such examples.

When flying it can be a nightmare trying to understand what liquids and quantities are acceptable and which are not. A travel kit makes that whole ordeal easier which is why this makes an excellent gift idea!

Bonus Gift Idea: Books

For the loved one who’s a massive bookworm, there’s no better gift than books. You can get them a book from their favorite author or a title from their long reading list. Or you can buy a limited edition copy of their all-time favorite book or series. If your loved one is religious, get them these awesome illustrated Bible series.

The gift of knowledge and delight from the written word is one of the best gifts anyone can ever give to people they love, especially if those individuals are already avid readers.

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