10 Tips for Getting the Perfect Summer Body

Are you ready to finally achieve that summer body of your dreams?

We all long to be lean and limber during the summer months. Not only does it look amazing, but it also feels amazing. Having a summer body means having a healthy one.

It can be tough reaching for this goal, especially if you are new to the world of working out and getting in shape.

With the right dedication and workouts, however, it is possible to step into a whole new you.

Read on for insight!

  1. Set a Tangible Goal

Any dream is within reach if you establish tangible goals to get there.

Simply aiming for a glowing, lean summer body may provide the visual for your aim. But you need a more measurable goal.

For some people, this may come down to identifying how many pounds or dress sizes they wish to lose in a certain amount of time. For some, it may mean identifying how much muscle mass you want to gain (and fat you wish to shed).

If you can, incorporate some data into your summer body vision. Give yourself a generous timeline, too, broken up into smaller achievements. This step-ladder approach is one of the best ways to pursue any fitness plan.

If you have a personal trainer, consult him or her when crafting this timeline. A trainer can be ideal for people who struggle to identify how many pounds or inches they need to lose to obtain that perfect body.

  1. Adjust Caloric Intake

If you are aiming for a lean, ripped summer body, start with your caloric intake. In general, aim to consume 12 calories per pound of (lean) body mass.

Here’s an example. If you are a female who currently weighs 170 pounds but wishes to be a lean 140, your adjusted caloric intake for a lean summer body would be 1,680.

You don’t have to be stringent with calorie-counting here, merely mindful. We have a few other diet-related tips in this post to help you make more mindful, body-oriented food choices.

  1. Avoid Processed Foods and Sugars

Processed foods and sugars are far more likely than raw products to spike blood sugar levels and become converted to fats. They are also often crammed full of chemicals and artificial ingredients that can do more harm than good to our bodies.

Processed foods can be one of your biggest obstacles to that summer body you are envisioning. Cut as many of them from your diet as possible.

This means leaving behind a lot of packaged goods, like sugary cereals, doughnuts, fast food, and carbohydrates.

Replace processed foods and sugars with more natural products that don’t require packaging, such as fruits and vegetables. If you do find yourself purchasing packaged foods, be sure that these have as few ingredients as possible and that they contain whole grains and non-artificial ingredients.

  1. Hydrate

A lot of people underestimate water’s power in helping us achieve our fitness goals. Drinking the right amount of water can help your body more efficiently clear its systems of waste.

It can also boost your metabolism, which is essential to your body’s ability to burn fat faster. If you tend to hold a lot of pounds in water weight, consuming more water can actually help you shed those, too.

Hydrating is especially important if you are sticking to an intense exercise regime–and if you are doing so in the summer heat.

  1. Implement High-Intensity Interval Training

Research consistently shows that shorter interval, high-intensity workouts are equally (if not more) effective than long-interval, low-intensity workouts. We’re talking 12-15-minute workouts.

Following a HIIT routine may not be the focus of your summer body workout program. But it can act as a great supplement to lifting at the gym.

HIIT training can burn more calories in a shorter period of time, making it ideal for people with busy schedules.

After a high-intensity workout, your metabolism soars for a few hours, helping you power through meals. During this time, your body is also more likely to burn fat (rather than carbohydrates).

When it comes to achieving your summer body, HIIT workouts can aid in building muscle mass. This is particularly the case if you follow a HIIT routine that varies cardio with strength-training exercises.

  1. Try Full Body Workouts

Speaking of workouts, be sure that you are packing in as many full body workouts as possible.

It’s very easy to target one area of the body, especially if that area is one you’re most self-conscious about, like flabby tummies and arms.

However, full-body workouts can have much the same effect as high-intensity interval training.

They burn more calories than other workouts as they tend to work the majority of your muscle groups at a given time.

These efficient workouts are also more likely to build coveted muscle mass, increase strength, and shed fat.

If you’re struggling to muscle through your own full body workouts at home, consider online training programs.

  1. Keep Dinners Light

When it comes to diet, be sure to eat the bulk of your calories before late afternoon. Doing so means greater odds of burning those calories rather than storing them overnight.

Keep dinners light and pack in the majority of your calories at breakfast, mid-morning snack time, and lunch. When you do sit down for dinner, avoid eating out as much as possible.

  1. Boost Heart Rate Between Sets

When lifting or following high-intensity intervals, keep your heart rate going in between sets.

Doing so means burning more calories throughout your workout.

It can also build endurance, making it easier for you to tackle harder workouts the following week (and burn more fat).

  1. Don’t Go it Alone

Reaching for your summer body can be daunting. You don’t have to go it alone. Build your workout plan with a friend or a group so that you can hold each other accountable and reach your goals together.

Your local gym may even have workout intensives before the summer begins. If it doesn’t, consider starting your own!

  1. Replace High-Carb Foods

You don’t have to follow a specific diet to achieve a summer body. But what does healthy, body-oriented eating look like?

Besides avoiding processed foods, keeping dinners light, and consuming the right amount of calories, it means replacing high-carb foods with low-carb ones. Carbs aren’t necessarily bad, but they are harder to burn off than proteins or healthy fats.

Replace high-carb foods like chips and crackers with crunchy vegetables, for example. Instead of filling your plate with pasta, fill it with veggie noodles.

Another great strategy is to replace your carbs with proteins. Your body needs protein to power through workouts anyways!

Final Thoughts: Getting That Summer Body

Your summer body is waiting. You’ll soon be flaunting what you have when you set tangible goals, build an appropriate workout routine, and establish healthy eating choices.

In particular, implement high-intensity, full body interval training for maximum calorie burning.

Avoid processed or high-carb foods, ramping up your intake of protein and healthy fats.

Workout with friends rather than by yourself, and don’t forget to hydrate.

At Get That Right, we love helping you know things better. Learn more about what we do here!

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