10 Tips for Raising a Happy Pet

As 60% of American homes have a pet in them, there are a lot of people who love their pets as if they were a family member. Some people think a happy pet is a pet who gets to do everything their owners get to do. Others feel that a pet is happiest when they get to do things closest to their innate desires.

The field of pet psychology has learned about the symbiotic relationship between pets and humans. Recent studies showed that dogs have special facial expressions they reserve only for human beings. Other studies have found that cats have as hot and cold of a relationship with us as we always thought.

If you want to raise a happy pet, it’s simple to please an animal. While it’s more than just petting and treats, these 10 tips are easy to introduce to your relationship with your furry friend.

Ways to Raise a Happy Pet

  1. Give Them Toys To Destroy

While you might have spent a lot of money on that fancy new toy, you should know that when your pet is destroying it, they’re having the time of their life. What looks like destruction to us is just an animal being a happy pet.

Dogs and cats act on their instincts when it comes to playing with their toys and if you see them going nuts, let them play.

  1. Try Hide And Seek

Your dog lives for their sense of smell. Find a treat that your dog loves and play a game with them. See if they can find you when you’re sneaking around your home.

Bring a little treat for them to eat when they find you. Certain dog breeds will love this while others might not.

You can do something similar with cats. Since they love boxes, you can hide things under boxes like little motorized toys. Let them try to get a hold of the box and get what’s underneath.

  1. Hide Treasure Around

If your pet has a favorite treat, get them riled up and then start hiding treats around your home. See how many they can find in an hour.

If you plan to be gone for most of the day, hide their treats without alerting them. You’ll let them play and keep their mind going as they search around the house for treats.

They’ll be encouraged to explore different areas of the house and keep moving even when you’re not there to play with them.

  1. Get A New Collar

Dogs and cats wear the same collars day in and day out. It’s important for keeping them safe but it gets boring after a while.

If it’s got a bell or anything on it, your dog might get sick of that after some time. Switch it up from time to time. Different textures and different weights aren’t lost on your pets.

Your happy pet will appreciate the opportunity to wear something new around the house.

  1. Dance With Them

Believe it or not, dogs and cats love to dance. While it’s not the formal kind of dancing we know, grabbing a feather for your cat to jump around and try to catch can really brighten their day.

With dogs, dancing around them and letting them run between your legs allows them to try to coordinate as they move around a space.

  1. Time For The Spa

Don’t be afraid to pamper your pets. Just about every city has some kind of day spa for pets where they get bathed, groomed, and get to relax. All that attention makes them feel good.

Dogs and cats have a sense of pride so anytime they get to show off, they love it.

  1. Hit Play On YouTube

There are literally millions of pet-friendly videos on YouTube. Depending on what your pet is into, there’s something for everyone. Some dogs and cats love to watch bird videos and play along with what they see.

Look for playlists of videos for dogs and cats that have been engineered specifically for what pets like.

  1. Give Them Compliments

Dogs and cats understand your tone of voice pretty well. If you say nice, complimentary, or flattering things to them, they get the gist. It feels good for everyone and could brighten your day as well as theirs.

Dogs need positive reinforcement to keep good behavior going, so this could be a great opportunity to work out some training tactics.

  1. Make A Frozen Treat

Dogs love to chew ice and snow and cats love anything they can lick. Find some recipes for dog or cat treats that allow them to remain healthy but enjoy some snacks along with you.

A frozen treat could be a big hit this summer, but why wait.

  1. Let The Air In

Letting your windows be cracked open for them could be great for their well being and make them feel good. They love to watch, hear and smell things.

A cracked window means that your dogs or cats will stay stimulated by the action on the street.

A Happy Pet Lets You Relax

If you’re away at the office most of the day, you probably wonder what your pet is doing and whether they’re happy. By taking some of these approaches to make them a happy pet, you can focus on yourself knowing your pet is content.

If you’re ready to start building an ideal home for your pet, contact us for more tips.

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