10 Things to Know About Living in Redding, California

If you are thinking about moving to Redding, CA, you might first have to consider what is Redding known for, its cost of living and is Redding, California a good place to live, along with several other factors.

Here are some quick Redding, CA facts:

  • Population: 91,000
  • Median Age: 38
  • Average Household Income: $63,409
  • Average House Price: $253,700
  • Ages 18 and above: 38%
  • White population: 84%
  • Black: 1.5%
  • Asian: 4%
  • Hawaiian: 0.2%
  • Hispanic: 9.2%

Redding, CA – Location and History

Redding is a city that is located in Northern California, being a county seat of the Shasta County in California, USA. It is the biggest city north of Sacramento and is situated on the Siskiyou Trail, which is an ancient travel route that connects the Central Valley of California to the Pacific Northwest. About 2000 years ago, the Wintu tribe of native Americans occupied Redding. The town was named after Benjamin B.Redding and was incorporated in 1887 with 600 people.

There are many things to know before moving to Redding, California

Let’s dig into them!

  1. California’s Trout Capital

For those who are considering Redding, CA, Fly fishing is a way of life for people living in Redding, there is no season! It is quite common for the locals to enjoy a few hours of fishing after closing business for the day.

Living in Redding, California

  • What is Redding known for? Redding has been named among the top ten fishing towns of North America, according to Forbes magazine.
  • Redding is home to the most popular trout waters like the Lower and Upper Sacramento Rivers, fishing waters like the McCloud; the Pit River; the Fall River; Trinity River; Manzanita Lake and several others.
  • The Sacramento river runs through Redding and has resulted in one of the best fisheries of the US. It’s a great place to go fishing and you can fish all the year round due to the sunny climate, as the lakes and the rivers are open all the time.
  • In fact, if you live here, you could attend family camps involving fly casting, wading techniques, different knots, fly tying and other related topics.

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  1. Gem of US Trail System

  • For those living in Redding CA, there are over 200 miles of trails available within a radius of 15 miles from Redding.
  • The Sacramento River trails is one of the most famous ones. It’s fully paved making it a haven for bikers and hikers, passing over the Sundial Bridge on the route.

Sacramento River trails(Image: reallyredding.com)

  • If you live in Redding, there are many trails for you and for your dog, where you see a lot of wildlife and some spectacular scenery like the Mount Shasta, the Mount Lassen and the Cascade peaks.
  • If you’re considering Redding, CA, you’d love to know that the Sundial Bridge is always filled with hikers and families. All the trails are free. You can pack some snacks, charge your camera and you’re good to go on that adventurous trail.
  1. Sunny City

California is known for its abundance of sunshine, and Redding is the sunniest place in this Golden state.

Redding is the sunniest place in this Golden state

  • It is the 2nd sunniest city of the US, next only to Yuma in Arizona, with more than 300 days of sunshine.
  • The sunniest months of the year in Redding are in July and August followed by June and September.
  • It might get really hot sometimes, so it is really difficult to remain outdoors, especially in the months of May and June.

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  1. Adventure and Sports in Redding, CA

Redding, California gets a lot of annual rainfall as it is surrounded by mountain ranges, so the Sacramento River and lakes are always full of water.

  • Residents of Redding take part in all kind of water sports, such as kayaking, boating, jet skiing as well as sailing.
  • It is also a perfect place for hiking, due to the forested terrain.
  • There are also many trails for biking and for horseback riding.
  • Redding is home to many national forests, rivers and lakes and is a great base for launching different adventures in nature, such as biking, camping. It is perfectly suitable for outdoor enthusiasts.
  • Within thirty miles of Redding town, there are over 600 square miles of National parks and forests.
  1. House Costs/Cost of Living in Redding

Cost of Living in Redding, CA

  • Redding has a wide option of homes, which are suitable for families of different sizes as well as income.
  • You can select a studio apartment; a condo; a single independent home and so on in the best neighborhoods in Redding, CA.
  • Home prices are half the cost of those in the rest of the state.
  • Cost of living in Redding, California is higher than the US average on most counts. Health costs are also higher but grocery costs are similar to the country’s average costs.
  • Take care to avoid the worst neighborhoods in Redding, CA.
  1. What is Wrong with Redding CA? Drug Issues

Redding is also known for some shady and criminal practices. So, what is wrong with Redding CA?

Tip: Check out the crime map Redding, CA to see the crime statistics.

  • The children here are raised in a criminal lifestyle.
  • They are not able to talk in basic English language.
  • There is a lot of drug activity in Redding, with many ex convicts and drug addicts bothering residents for their fix.
  • There are many homeless people in this town, many shady looking characters as well as meth addicts.

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  1. Shopping/Entertainment in Redding, CA

Redding boasts of a fair share of shopping and entertainment outlets.

  • There are plenty of outlets offering top quality women’s fashion, home decor, jewelry, sports gear, electronics, adventure suppliers and so on.
  • At a 10 mile commute, you can find plenty of outlets for major shopping, leisure activities as well as entertainment. There are also many restaurants here.
  • There’s also a soccer park, which is one of the major attractions of Redding, with a 22 acre facility having synthetic turf and lighted fields.
  • There are Art centers, sports parks, water parks with thrills and rides for children, an aquatic center, recreation pools and so on.
  • What is Redding California known for? Redding is also known for one of the best symbols of modern architecture, the Sundial Bridge, which is a fully functioning sundial and a true sight to behold.

Sundial Bridge, Redding

Tip: Check out the cities near Redding, CA.

Cities near Redding, CA

  1. Nature’s Getaway

  • The city is surrounded by mountains on both the sides and it is just a short drive accessing the mountains.
  • You can take a hike up the Mt. Shasta or to the National parks and explore the trails.
  • Even the coast is very close by, so you can enjoy the ocean if that’s your thing.
  1. Bethel Cult

Thousands of people come for the services and healing provided in Bethel.

Bethel church, Redding CA

  • The Bethel church is an evangelical church offering parents support for their children who are depressed.
  • Bethel indoctrinates children by giving them core values to lead a charismatic life.
  • There is a controversy surrounding the Bethel Redding, as many feel that they manipulate and brainwash these children using the name of Jesus.

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  1. Community and Economic Growth

The local economy of Redding has bounced back during the past few years, though it is poor when compared to the rest of the country.

  • The poor economic situation could possibly be due to the small workforce available.
  • However, Redding is large enough to support several businesses serving the same market, though these remain small town businesses.
  • A number of new technological companies have started in downtown Redding, resulting in a better community growth, a healthier economy as well as public safety.

Note: In July 2018, Carr Fire that took place in the Shasta county affected the Redding city, destroying over thousand buildings, with thousands of people evacuating the city.

Wrap Up

Redding, California is a small town and only has around 91,000 residents. Yet, it’s very cosmopolitan. Many city dwellers go there for a weekend getaway and fall so much in love with the place that they want to move there as a resident. It’s perfectly suitable for outdoorsy types of people.

There are also a lot of activities for children, such as soccer; dance; gymnastics; martial arts and so on. There are beautiful natural sights and a strong community sense as well, all of which are good reasons to go and settle down in Redding.

In short, Redding is rather complicated, as there are pros and cons of living in Redding, CA. There is a lot going for it and the city has great potential. There are plenty of recreational activities available, but there are also a lot of crazy drug addicts. The lakes and mountains  and forests are spectacular, but the summer heat is intolerable. If you would like to go and live in Redding, select a good place and find cool people to be with! You can enjoy a great quality of life in Redding CA, if you’re looking for a life with more living, less traffic.

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