10 Refrigerator Accessories You Should Consider Buying This Summer

If you’re looking to beat the heat this summer with temperatures steadily on the rise, look to boost your refrigerator’s performance. With the right refrigerator accessories, you can turn your kitchen icebox into the summer destination.

Sound like a stretch?

Wait until you see the list we’ve set up for your viewing pleasure:

Your Guide to Summer Refrigerator Accessories

  1. Replacement Fan Blades

What good will your fridge do if its condensing fan is broken? Spoiler alert: not much. The fan helps cool the compressor and sends cold air throughout the fridge.

A condenser fan blade replacement should be at the top of your list as it’s integral to the entire cooling mechanism.

  1. An Extra Shelf

Now that it’s summertime, you’ll need more room to stock up on beverages and chilled fruit to stay cool. An extra wire rack or installable shelf will help you cool a larger quantity of your summer favorites.

This summer, conveniently store soda cans or water bottles where there’s never been room before!

  1. The Built-in Keurig Machine

Coffee on the go has never been easier than with a Keurig, and with one in your fridge, you’ll never miss a cup! GE released a recent model that is even compatible with Alexa.

Brewing teas, coffees, and other drinks, the Keurig offers cafe-quality hydration right in your own kitchen.

  1. Drawers That Let You Control Temperature

Not every item that goes into your fridge has the same temperature recommendation as the rest. Fruits alone have a variety of suggested temperatures, but how are you supposed to keep up?

Temperature-controlled drawers can save the day, at least letting you have a couple of chilling options to choose from.

  1. Automated Water Pitcher

Filling up your glass of water with a spout from the refrigerator was revolutionary. Having a fresh pitcher of water always waiting for you is the future of summer hydration.

Now you can pour water quickly in large amounts instead of waiting for the slow tap. It’s easier to serve more people this way, too. Thanks again for the refrigerator accessories, GE.

  1. Self-Aware Water Filling

Sounds scary, right? It’s actually a really beneficial tool if you’re still using the tap from your fridge to get water. This feature, as seen in GE and Whirlpool products, detects how large your glass is.

The result: perfect fill-ups with no spills without having to monitor the progress.

  1. A Place for Herbs

Using fresh mint in your mojito? Maybe your summer quenching concoction will require basil? Whatever the herbal need, now you can purchase herb storage for your fridge that locks in smell and taste, keeping herbs ultra fresh.

  1. Compartmentalized Shelves That Move

Take your summer storage to the next level by purchasing additional shelves for your doors, ideally looking for sliding models. This will help you locate and access a bunch of food/drinks quickly.

  1. Ice Cream Maker

This one’s dangerous, but there’s no need to point out the pros of an ice cream maker on a hot summer day. Check out the Beko HomeCream if you’re willing to flirt with the dark side.

  1. Built-in Speakers

It’s time to crank up the jams and get down in the kitchen because it’s summertime. Fridge technology today will allow you to connect your phone to built-in speakers to keep the music rolling throughout your house.

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