10 Proven Reasons Why Unique Promotional Items Really Work

For businesses looking to grow there is no time to procrastinate. The time is now for building your client list and unique promotional items are one of the best strategies.

You don’t have to overspend to get results. Here are 10 of the benefits you can start seeing right away with the right promotional items:

  1. Rise Above

With so much opportunity with online marketing many companies are using the same strategies to try for the same results. This isn’t the best way to capture the attention of new clients.

Be unique! Using different strategies sets you apart.

  1. Connect

The difference between physical promotions and digital campaigns or media is the tangible connection. By giving people something to hold and feel they will connect you to a sense of presence and feeling.

  1. Show Value

Promotional items bring something of value to your clients and potential customers. They will associate you with value and service as a result.

  1. Spread The Message with Unique Promotional Items

One of the best parts of promotional items that are unique is that people keep them. Your current and potential customers may store them in their business or home.

What starts as a conversational piece becomes a physical advertisement for your goods and services.

  1. Get Referrals

Having your unique promotional items in a home or business gives you an automatic endorsement. Your current and potential customers will connect your goods and services to people and places they trust and admire.

Referrals are essential to building your business. 92% of people say they prefer earned media, or referrals when making decisions about goods or services.

  1. Stay Connected

With the right unique promotional items, you can also encourage your current and potential clients to visit the website of your choice. Adding a unique URL to the promotional material will keep them connected over time.

  1. Make Contact

What could be worse than handing someone a business card that they can throw in the trash? With promotional items, clients are more likely to keep your contact information and materials.

  1. Start a Relationship

Business is all about relationships. Whatever you choose as a promotional item will start a relationship, however small, right at the start.

You may entertain with a toy, help with a flashlight, or amaze with a different product. In any case, you will be starting a unique relationship right away.

  1. Create a Memory

Since your current and potential clients will be more likely to keep the best promotional materials they will be more likely to remember you when the need arises.

It is better than hoping they can recall meeting you at a trade show. Instead, they will pick up the item and contact you when they require your goods or services.

  1. Make Them Smile

Is there anyone who doesn’t like getting free stuff? If you use unique materials as giveaways and promotions you will be in the role of a giver.

When making a new contact there is no better way to make them smile than to give them something of value with no strings attached.

You will differentiate yourself from the competition with the right promotional gifts.

They Work

Maybe most importantly, promotional gifts that are unique work. You may need to find the right design, but once you do the results are immediate.

Do you have a favorite promotional gift you’ve given or received? Tell us all about it in the comments below!

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