10 Powerful Reasons to Start Guest Posting Right Away

In addition to regular blogging, there are many reasons to start guest posting without delay. Writing articles and blogging for someone else can help for SEO purposes and enhance link building.

Social Marketing Writing data shows that 62.9% visitors feel that blogs having multiple authors are more reliable and credible.

Think of this scenario. You have created your blog websites and have posted some top quality articles on it. But you find it difficult to draw people to your blog. You start losing the motivation to write, as there are not many people reading your posts.

You would have surely heard about how you can write comments on other blogs and getting backlinks from related blogs. You can buy ads, run contests, pay SEOs or link builders and carry out different types of promotional activities to help your blog.

What is Guest Posting?

However, these days it is becoming more difficult to get back links to your blog. Many bloggers are wary of treading on Google guidelines.

Welcome to Guest posting or guest blogging. It works ways, posting your content on another blog or inviting an influencer or popular blogger to post on your blog.

Here are the Top Benefits of Guest Blogging that will make you Start Guest Posting Immediately

  1. Getting Backlinks through Guest Posting

This is the conventional objective of guest posting and a top strategy for quality backlinks by bloggers.

In the past, most of the guest posts aimed at getting backlinks for your blog, were mostly spam based. The articles of another blogger were published for reciprocal advantage or cross-promotional purposes.

So, is guest posting for SEO and backlinks good or bad?

Benefits of Guest Blogging that will make you Start Guest Posting Immediately

# Bad Idea

  • If you were opting for guest blogging merely for backlinks and search engine optimization, I’d say it’s a bad idea. You might get a backlink to your site or blog. However, if your article is a poor one, the quality gets linked to your product or service.

# Good Idea

However, guest posting is a good idea if:

  • You are really interested in writing content for another blog.
  • You can add value to the blog.
  • You are an expert and have authority to write on the niche.
  • Have a sincere interest in the blog or site that you are writing for.

# When you introduce a link on another blog, you get a backlink. Search engines use the link for assessing your blog value. It helps complement your SEO strategies. You can get the highest quality links by submitting top quality content to the best blogs of your niche.

  1. Building Relationships with Guest Posting

  • Guest posting sites help you come in contact with a brand or blog that you admire.
  • This kind of content syndication offers you new channels and avenues for communication if you succeed in crafting a brilliant guest post pitch.
  • When you submit guest post, you can reach out to the new blogger, ask questions and get information on resources or how to improve your platform.
  • You can have some fun exchanges with other bloggers on the social media.
  • You can leave comments on a post in another blog.
  • Share the guest blog post on Facebook, Twitter etc.
  • You add value to another person’s blog and this is the beginning of a strong relationship.
  • You can convert this relationship into followers.
  • Chances of opening up partnerships with the perfect guest posting invite.
  • You are treated as part of the best blog websites and included in roundups, as your expertise is valued. You meet more people and get more clients.
  1. Getting a Bigger Audience

  • Bloggers will start noticing your posts.
  • Helps increase conversions.
  • Helps increase traffic by accessing list of guest blogging sites.
  • Increased email list. When you post on another blog, your bio is shown at the end, so you can add your website link or a page link.
  • More interaction with target audience, by means of comments.
  • More targeted traffic and better conversion rates.
  • You may not get the same traffic on your blog.
  1. Drawing Targeted Traffic by Means of Guest Blogging

  • Suppose you have a blog about how to make more money online. You can write guest posts for another blog in the same niche. If you have a designing blog, write guest posts in other designing blogs. This will send targeted traffic towards your blog.
  • Guest posts in response to Guest bloggers wanted, could contribute towards the top traffic sources, as seen above.
  1. Getting Exposure in Social Media

Getting Exposure in Social Media

  • Picking the right and relevant sites for guest blogging will offer you more exposure to the niche markets and in the social media.
  • The blog for which you are writing has social media pages with fans and your post reaches a bigger audience.
  • Social media links with the guest post can win you more followers from Twitter and Facebook.
  • Bloggers are constantly active on social media sites, such as Twitter and Facebook. The more your blogging contacts, the more your influence in the social media. This will lead to increased subscribers for your blog.
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  1. Adding Value

  • By guest posting, you can offer valuable content to other platforms that you are writing for.
  • Relevant content can be useful to you as well, as you get the status of an expert. You become an authority.
  • It pushes you to read more and do more research on niche topics, helping you in how to write a blog post.
  1. Increasing Business Opportunities

One of the delicious bites of guest blogging.

  • If you implement guest blogging opportunities properly, you can get new business opportunities. People who read your guest post could contact you for related business purposes.

Writing Something Different for Yourself or Money

  1. Writing Something Different for Yourself or Money

  • Guest blogging gives you an opportunity to write something different, for a change.
  • If you are a financial expert, you could do an article on health or travel. You might be good at several things like parenting, cooking and so on. But you don’t have the opportunity to put these up on your tech blog.
  • Developing your writing skills.
  • Earn a few extra bucks. Many blogs pay authors for writing on their blogs. You can also use revenue sharing options, like an AdSense code, to earn cool money
  1. Getting Comments and Opinions

  • You have invested your time and money in blogging. When thousands of visitors read your guest post, you stand a greater chance of receiving more comments.
  • It is a kind of review on your write-ups and could boost your confidence if you make a living as a freelance writer.
  1. Guest Posting Helps in Gaining Credibility

  • Big players start coming to your blog and promote your product or service.
  • Your credibility increases and they realize that they can count on you.
  • More affiliates will jump on the board.
  • Sales will increase, as people trust you and take your word.

Over to You

So, are you already a guest blogger or have you decided to become one after reading this?

Stop reading, and begin guest blogging to truly get something done for your blog.

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