10 Fun Giveaway Ideas to Promote a New Business

In the digital age, can it really be true that the old marketing practice of giveaways still brings in new customers?

The answer is a resounding yes!

Whether it’s a branded giveaway or a digital freebie, they have an impact on customers. Everyone loves something for free. It makes them feel special like they got a treat.

Add to that the fact that people tend to keep branded giveaways for up to 14 months and then often pass them on to others. That means something with your logo on is hanging around in people’s consciousness for a very long time.

Let’s Look at 10 Fun Giveaway Ideas to Boost Your Customer Engagement and Satisfaction

  1. Promotional Pens

Let’s start with one of the most tried and tested small business giveaway ideas – promotional pens.

Why are they effective? Even in the digital age, everyone still needs a pen from time to time. You could update that with a promotional stylus that can be used on smartphones and tablets if you’re feeling fancy.

You literally put your brand into their hand – plus, they’re cost-effective. Great for a small business looking for effective advertising on a low budget.

  1. Instagram Giveaways

This option is not limited to Instagram, but the general idea is to run a competition offering a small prize, such as a piece of branded merchandise, for someone who follows your post and recommends it to a friend.

Make sure the merchandise on offer is super cool. Also, the smaller the offering (i.e. one or two giveaways), the more exclusive you make it. Your only cost is the merch and shipping.

  1. Promotional Gift Packs

When you sign up a new client, it can be cool to send them a small gift box of promotional products.

This could include the standards – mouse mat, mug, pen, even a t-shirt or bumper sticker. Make sure that whatever you send them ties in with the core message of your business.

Stay away from too many perishables – they’re here today, gone tomorrow. You want something that will last.

  1. Branded Beach Towels

If you’re running a beach themed event or are targeting a beach-going demographic, then branded beach towels could be one of the best giveaway ideas for your business.

They can be emblazoned with your logo, like the ones you can see on the Perfect Imprints website, and have the advantage of being taken to a highly public area. More great free publicity for your business!

  1. Referral Giveaways

If you’re running a bricks and mortar business, then referral giveaways can be an awesome way to bring in new customers, while rewarding the ones you already have.

You can incentivize them with discounts or promotional items they’ll actually want. Make sure that it’s something that aligns closely with your brand so they’ll remember where and why they got it.

This can also work online, as seen with the Instagram recommendations tip.

  1. Lip Balm

These days, most of us reach for our lip balm several times during an average day.

That’s exactly why your company’s name should be all of it. It’s relatively cheap, easy to brand and has a very wide appeal. It’s something that’s also easy to keep in stock and fits with many types of businesses.

Of course, customers are careful about what they put on their lips. Make sure the ingredients are top quality. Better to offer a smaller pot of something good, than a big tub of something they’ll never use.

  1. In-Car Chargers

Most people love the convenience of charging their cell phone or tablet on the go in their cars. A simple USB charger gives you an opportunity to engage with your customers each day.

Every time they come to charge, they’ll see your company’s logo smiling back at them. It’s a great way to ensure visibility and longevity for a promotional giveaway.

  1. Branded Snack/Drink

While most of our ideas so far have stressed giving the customer something they’ll use for a long time, there is also a place for short-term impact items.

The key is – give this to them when they really need it.

When you’ve got a group of hungry or thirsty people hanging around – think standing in line for a sporting event or at a trade show – one of the best marketing giveaway ideas is a bottle of water or a snack – with your name on it.

Timing is important, but it’s not everything. Whatever you give them, make sure it’s something you’d want to eat or drink yourself and you’ll be onto a winner.

  1. Promotional T-Shirts and Hats

Whether you’re in the clothing business or not, promotional t-shirts and hats are a great option.

They’re highly visible and long-lasting, and give you a chance to get your business into the minds of a much wider audience than a pen or mug.

Whatever your business, make sure that the apparel is something that they’ll want to wear. Otherwise, prepare for it to be consigned to clothes worn when painting the fence – not the look you’re going for.

  1. Key Tags

A final simple, but effective, way to get your logo into their hands is giving away key tags.

This is also a chance to give them something practical they’ll really value, like a key tag that’s also a bottle opener.

The Takeaway: The Best Giveaway Ideas For Your Business

If you choose one or more of these highly effective giveaway ideas for your business, you could see your brand recognition rise and new customers flooding through the door.

Whether it’s a physical giveaway, that might work better locally, or you choose to go online and get the message out to the masses, giveaways can work wonders for small businesses when you choose carefully and keep them aligned with your brand.

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One thought on “10 Fun Giveaway Ideas to Promote a New Business

  • December 25, 2022 at 1:17 am

    I like the idea of promo hats and shirts. I had one made up for Blogging From Paradise a while back. Free marketing, save the 20 smackers or so to have it created. Anytime I walked around with it, circling the globe, I was the traveling billboard LOL. Smart tips here.


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