10 Factors to Consider While Selling Your Car

Selling your car is not the easiest thing to do. You get emotionally attached to it. It also serves you immensely by becoming your preferred mode of transport. However, at times, a sale needs to go through.

If you are at the juncture where you are looking to sell your vehicle, we are here to help you. Take a look at the guidelines mentioned below and you will know exactly how to go about the task.

Important Factors to Remember When Selling Your Car

Listed below are the most important things to do when you decide to sell your car:

  1. Complete the documentation properly: Before you set out to sell your car, make sure the documents of the vehicle are in place. Look for the RC book, the car insurance papers, etc. and put them all in a file. The documents are as important as the vehicle itself at the time of a sale.
  2. Check your insurance plan: Car insurance is critical. Ensure you have all the insurance-related formalities done. You should have an active insurance plan. There should not be any car insurance premium defaults. If there are any issues with respect to insurance, the selling process may become unnecessarily complicated.
  3. Fix the faults of the car: No one would like to buy a damaged car. So, if there are any dents or broken components in the car, fix them up before you put the vehicle up on sale. This would increase the chances of the car being sold at a higher price.
  4. Get it valued: You must get your car valued by a professional. Every car depreciates in value with age. The car will cost less now than when you had purchased it. Unless you know the correct value, you cannot get the correct price while selling it.
  5. Give the car a facelift: Right before you put it up for sale, make sure you wash and polish your car. It should be sparkling and attractive!
  6. Look at offline and online channels: Look to sell your car through various avenues. Just like car insurance online India is popular, car sale online is popular too. You will find many buyers over the internet for sure.
  7. Advertise with photos: Do not be shy with the photographs. Visual appeal is always desirable when you look to sell your car. Advertise with the best photographs of the vehicle and see an increase in the offers you get.
  8. Quote realistically: You may consider your vehicle to be the best and quote a very high price. But you need to be realistic here and quote properly to ensure you have a deal. No one would like to pay bags of money for a used car, even if it is in a good condition and the car insurance premium is paid.
  9. Stay away from underhand transaction: Stay away from all underhand transactions when selling your car. If you find an agent who promises to fetch you a high price but on unsuitable terms and conditions, move away. If you lose your vehicle in such a transaction, even your car insurance plan won’t be able to bail you out.
  10. Transfer the papers accurately: Once the deal is finalized, complete the paperwork with precision. Car insurance online India is convenient, so consider doing the insurance formalities over the internet. Have your NCB transferred and change the name on the insurance papers of the car too. Also, remove your ownership from the car and transfer the papers on time. This is vital and needs to be done with care.

The Final Word

These are some of the main points that you must remember when you put your car up for sale. Follow these guidelines and you will be able to sell your car smoothly.

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