10 Easy Electric Skillet Recipes That You Can Whip Up In No Time

Usually, our days are full enough without having to worry about what’s cooking. When you have a tight budget and even tighter time frame, meal preparation can be a challenge.

With a bit of ingenuity and the right equipment, you can whip up meals in no time. The ease of cooking with electric skillet recipes means the meals practically make themselves.

Perfect for frozen foods, leftovers or just throwing together an easy family favorite. We’ve put together a few ideas to get you started.

Easy Electric Skillet Recipes

One of the greatest features of an electric skillet is space. They are compact, yet deep enough that you can make a decent sized meal. Whether you have a large family or choose to make enough for freezing or lunches the next day, it makes meals easy.

You can also adjust the temperature, which is far more accurate than stovetop burners. You decrease the chances of burning the food in an electric skillet, as the pan is completely temperature controlled.


If you like a cooked breakfast to start your day off right, the skillet is the perfect solution. Start your breakfast and let it simmer while you get yourself and everyone else ready.

  1. Omelets

Chopped mushrooms, onions, garlic, olives, leftover veggies or chicken from last night. Diced and sautéed in the pan, add beaten eggs. Just before you fold it over, add some cheese. Top it up with sliced avocado or tomato.

  1. Pancakes

Pancakes are a great treat and very filling. Whether you make them from scratch or from a mix, pancakes are always a hit. Add any fruit you have around the house, fresh, frozen or canned.

  1. Hashbrowns

Hashbrowns or homefries are delicious, easy to make and extremely accommodating to anything you want to add. Dice up some onion, add in some precooked sausages or bacon, add tomatoes or other leftover vegetables and cook them all together. When they are done, turn the heat down low and top with cheese for a complete meal.


When you are on a time restraint and need a quick, hearty and healthy lunch, get out your trusty skillet. Take the blah out of sandwiches or boring lunches and add a bit of wow.

For those of you looking for an electric skillet, click here to see a wide variety and more information. You’ll wonder how you ever got along without one.

  1. Grilled Sandwiches

While sandwiches are typical lunchtime fare, grilled sandwiches take them to the next level. Grilled cheese never disappoints but you can add tomatoes, ham, olives, chicken or onions.

The best part is the different types of bread you can use. Grill a bun, a focaccia, panini or anything that you have around the house.

  1. Stir-fry

Throwing together a stir-fry, one-pot meal with your skillet is super easy. It’s particularly easy when you are using up some leftovers. Just chop an onion and reheat the vegetables and have them over pasta, rice or on their own.

  1. Chili

No matter if you like beans in your chili or not, make no beans about it, it’s so much easier in your skillet. Just dice your onions, celery, hot chilies and spices, throw in your beef or vegetarian substitute and let it simmer.

Add the tomatoes, beans, corn, whatever you like in yours. The temperature control means you can keep it low to really let the flavors come through without fear of burning.


When you get home from a long day at work, it’s difficult to think about having to cook. Get out your electric skillet and let it do the work for you.

  1. Fried Chicken

Simply coat your chicken with flour and spices, or your favorite recipe and heat up the skillet with some cooking oil. The skillets are large and deep enough to get a lot of chicken in the pan.

While the chicken is cooking, you can add chopped mushrooms, tomatoes or just leave it as it is. You can control the heat to cook slower if you are busy helping the kids with their homework.

  1. Fried Rice

If you have rice cooked already, or you let the rice cook separately, you can make up your favorite rice dishes. Chopped celery, onion or mushrooms add a nice flavor to the rice.

You can add curry spices for a more Indian take and add some veggies at the last minute for a full, healthy and hearty meal. Perfect for leftovers the next day in lunches.

  1. Skillet Lasagna

Just like you make a lasagna for the oven in one pan, you can do one up in your skillet. If you use meat, you need it cooked separately. Layer the sauce, the noodles and the cheeses as you would and let it simmer on low in your skillet.

This method works with any type of pasta dish or casserole you want to make. You can cook the pasta right in the sauce in your skillet for an easy, one-dish dinner.

  1. Burgers

Homemade, frozen or veggie-style, burgers are easy and universally loved by all. You can get a lot of burgers in your skillet and still have space to flip them. With veggie burgers, which tend to cook faster and burn, you have complete control over the heat, which saves throwing out food.

You can add sauces, mushrooms, mushroom soup and top them up with cheese. Put the buns in at the last minute to heat them up.

Skillet Skills

Once you discover the joys of skilleting, you’ll wonder how you ever got along without yours. Come up with your own electric skillet recipes and keep enhancing them for new, exciting and easy meal options.

Living on a budget doesn’t mean you have to eat like you do. There is so many delicious and healthy option. Choose produce in season and buy your proteins in bulk and freeze them.

Meal planning doesn’t need to be a chore. You can get as creative as you like to make new dishes every day. For more cost-saving food tips, please continue reading here.

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