Top 10 Cities Every Fashion Lover Needs to Visit

No matter which city is the reigning “Fashion Capital of the World,” traveling to these cities is a dream come true for fashion enthusiasts.

It’s time to plan your trip. From Milan to London, we’ve found the ten cities every fashion lover needs to visit.

  1. New York

Every list of fashionable cities should start with NYC. Home to New York Fashion Week, the City That Never Sleeps is where fashion lives.

Shop Madison Avenue or Fifth street for the latest high-glam trends. Try the Lower East Side for boutiques and a difference fashion experience.

  1. Milan

With Versace, Valentino, Prada, and Armani you’ll be in the heart of the Italian fashion scene with a trip to Milan. And there is no other historic fashion house like Gucci.

When you tour the streets and shops, start at Quadrilatero d’Oro, known as the “golden shopping rectangle” in Milan.

  1. Paris

With a Fashion Week of its own, the City of Lights is one of the most important cities in the fashion industry.

It’s also the best combination of boutiques, French delicacies, and d?cor.

Be sure to visit these top spots in Paris during your stay.

  1. London

When thinking of London, Burberry immediately comes to mind. And nothing is more exciting than shopping where the Royals live.

Check out Oxford street to shop at Primark, Selfridges, and other similar stores.

If modern high fashion isn’t your thing, try the Found and Vision vintage shop.

  1. Barcelona

While in this top fashion city, start your shopping in Barcelona on La Rambla. You’ll find everything from Chanel to Berhska.

This city is worth a fashion adventure. You’ll often find big-name designers at a lower cost compared to other high-fashion cities.

  1. Berlin

“Fashion” might not be the first word that comes to mind when thinking of Berlin. But this historic city is a wonderful mix of culture and fashion.

Berlin “street style” is quickly becoming a major trend. Shop Mitte and Friedrichshain while surrounded by vintage architecture.

  1. Marrakech

Marra-where? This peaceful city in Morocco is the new home of the Muse Yves Saint Laurent.

The city was one of his favorites and for good reason. Fashion lovers enjoy the contrast of minimalist fashion, bold color, and ornate styles.

  1. Seattle

No longer known for the grunge style of the ’90s, Seattle is the home of Nordstrom’s flagship store.

Shop here to find designs from Prabal Gurung, Jason Wu, and Totokaelo.

  1. Hong Kong

The heart of this busy city is full of brand name designers and high-end boutiques. The neon lights and bustling city add an air of excitement to shopping in Hong Kong.

For designer discounts, check out Horizon Plaza.

  1. Toronto

Not least on the list, this multicultural city creates a unique fashion atmosphere.

Visit Eaton Centre and Queen Street for everything from funky fashions to designer threads.

Enjoy Travel as a Fashion Lover

Being a fashion lover is a great excuse for adventure.

Be sure you pack light to bring home your favorite fashion finds. And wear the right shoes no matter where your travels lead.

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