10 of the Best Self Employed Jobs

Are you think of trading the rat race for a calmer, more balanced way of earning a living? Millions of Americans work for themselves. And, the number keeps growing.

If you’d like to wave goodbye to daily commutes, office politics, and that boss you can never please, you might be ready to work for yourself!

Of course, there are many things to consider before making the leap to the world of self-employment.

First and foremost, what kind of business will you have?

To help you start exploring this option, here are some of the best self employed jobs you can create for yourself.

List of 10 Best Self Employed Jobs for You

Not every job is right for every person.

When reviewing this list of self-employment ideas, think about what you like most and least about your current or past jobs. That will help guide you to the option where you’ll most likely succeed.

  1. Landscape and Garden Caretaker

If you like working outdoors and getting dirt under your fingernails, you can help people keep their lawns and gardens in shape.

This is a small business you can start with a few basic tools and a willingness to work hard. Great work, especially in front yards, acts as the best kind of advertising and your client roster can grow quickly.

Depending on where you live, you can take winters off. Unless you also want to make money shoveling snow!

  1. Social Media Consultant

Can you think of a business that doesn’t need a social media presence? There are none.

But sometimes small businesses have a hard time keeping up with the frequent posting that social media demands.

If you’re savvy with Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and other social platforms, why not get paid to help businesses achieve their social marketing goals?

  1. Event Planner

If details are your thing and you’re a strong negotiator who loves people even when the pressure’s on, consider becoming an event planner.

People hire event organizers for all kinds of occasions from anniversaries through to weddings. You can start out using low-budget advertising but if you’re good, word of mouth will take over.

And if you want the really big bucks, get into managing corporate events.

  1. Online Tutor

Do you have a skill that most people need yet struggle to gain? Online Tutoring can be a rewarding job on more than the financial level.

Students often need tutors to build fundamental knowledge or reach their academic goals.

Many adults need help with technology or household basics like cooking or managing personal finances. Or they want extra help with their professional development studies or preparation for accreditation exams.

Most topics can be explained and demonstrated through online chat or live video. That means there are few limits on who can be a customer!

  1. Life Coach

Have you ever felt stuck in life? We all have times when we aren’t sure which direction to take. Or maybe we knew the direction but are having trouble taking action.

Life coaches help individuals define personal goals. Then they help them achieve those goals through active listening, constructive questioning, and other techniques.

If you enjoy helping others realize their potential, being a life coach can be rewarding in many ways.

  1. Uber Driver

There are different business models within the sharing economy. The best known is probably Uber. And it’s ready to help make extra money or operate as a small business.

There are vehicle requirements and you must pass a background screening. But once you become an Uber driver, you start making money right away.

New drivers are eligible for a sign-up bonus.

  1. Home Decorator

For people with a good eye for color and style, home decorator can be a fun and lucrative job.

You get to create beautiful interiors and make clients happy. And depending on your clientele, you can make a comfortable living.

At first, you might need to do a lot of hands-on work like painting walls or scouring vintage shops for the perfect lamp. But over time, you’ll build a network of suppliers and trades who can free up your time.

  1. Career Coach

A career coach is like a life coach except the client’s goals are work-related.

This self-employment option is good for people who have deep expertise in a particular function or industry. It’s an opportunity for you to share your knowledge and insights with people who are looking to move ahead or change careers.

Many large companies will retain a career coach for employees with bright futures. The fees commanded by corporate career coaches can be substantial.

  1. Virtual Assistant

If you have a knack for time and project management and like working alone, being a virtual assistant could be your ticket to self-employment.

Small business owners around the world need someone to take care of a variety of administrative tasks such as:

  • Booking appointments
  • Coordinating deliveries
  • Managing correspondence

But often they’re working from their own home so the assistant can be anywhere with an Internet connection.

This is such a popular option for earning self-employment income, the International Virtual Assistants Association has members in 16 countries.

  1. Freelance Writer

You might think the need for writers is diminished in the Digital Age.

Think again.

Every website needs content. Blogs, articles, About Us pages, FAQs, product information and more.

Videos need scripts. Even those with no one speaking have a script to direct the production team.

There are writers behind social media campaigns. And, writers are still necessary for print media.

If you can inform and influence with words, you can make a living from freelance writing.

An Important Tip About How to Work for Yourself

When you worked for someone else, you had a job. When you work for yourself, you have a job and a business.

From the start, approach your work as a business owner and you increase your chances of success.

Whether you’re planting flowers or driving people to where they need to be, remember to wow your customers, control costs, and focus on what drives revenue.

So, is one of these best self employed jobs in your future? Let us know in the comments box below!

And anytime you want to boost your knowledge and acumen, check out our business blog.

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