10 Awesome Party Ideas for Your Next Kids Party

Crepe paper. Balloons. Plastic tablecloths.

These are kids birthday party staples… and they’re boring! Kids love it when you put together a birthday party that’s outside the box.

Fortunately, it’s easier than ever to give your kids a fabulous and creative birthday party. With a little imagination and some creative crafts, you can give your kids a party that they’ll remember for years to come!

Put the crepe paper aside and check out these 10 awesome party ideas for your next kids’ party.

A Night at the Movies

Kids love a great trip to the movies! So, to mix it up a bit, bring the movies to them instead.

Plan your party at night, so you’ll have the perfect movie lighting. Decorate your living room to look like a movie theatre. Put up movie posters on the walls and hang string lights to resemble the row lights in a theatre.

Create comfy seating using folded blankets and kids outdoor chairs. Put them in front of the largest television you have.

Then play two classic kids movies for your double feature show. Let them snack on movie theatre staples like popcorn, candy, and peanuts.

Kids in the Castle

Bouncy castles are classic kids party accessories. And now they come in more shapes and sizes than ever before! Check online to see all of the inflatable bouncy toys available for your next birthday party.

Decorate by creating a drawbridge using wood and ropes. Buy a backdrop of a castle entrance and get a cardboard cutout of a dragon to guard the gate. Create a cake shaped like a castle with towers and spires to make it look super cool.

Donuts for Everyone

Everybody loves donuts! So, this party idea works for kids and adults alike.

Create a donut bar by staking donuts on your own, homemade donut holders. Use wooden dowels glued to plates to create different sizes of donut stacks. Make your donuts all different sizes, shapes, and colors.

Keep the donut theme going by decorating with huge, inflatable donut pool floaties. Give out donut squishies as party favors. And make sure everyone has a donut to-go baggie at the end of the party.

Tea for Two

Sometimes it’s great to stick with a classic idea. Kids love a fancy tea party where they can dress up like royalty.

Get together a bunch of fun, dress-up clothes. Old high heels, costume jewelry, fancy hats, and big purses make for great dress-up items. Put them out for your guests to dress in before they enter the tea party.

Make your party food elegant and beautiful. Tiny cakes, finger sandwiches, and little bowls of ice cream make great tea party food. Set out different flavors of iced tea in big, crystal pitchers.

Give everyone their own set of little, white gloves. And don’t forget to decorate with teapots and beautiful little tea glasses.

Halloween Anytime

Who says Halloween has to be in October? Try celebrating Halloween any time of year. Theme a summer party as Halloween in July!

Stock up on discounted kids Halloween costumes at the store. Kids can come dressed in their own costumes, or they can dress up in the ones you’ve provided.

Make your food and decor as monsterific as if it really was October 31st. Use skeletons and monster masks to decorate. And don’t forget to save a scary costume for yourself!

Outerspace Adventure

Hang blackout curtains in your living room and create an outer space adventure! Use black lights to illuminate glow-in-the-dark stars and planets that you’ve hung from the ceilings and walls.

Or use a special light that projects the stars onto the ceiling. Kids will love hanging out in this special, dark room and gazing at the stars. You can even create a rocket ship out of a cardboard box that they can use to play inside your dark room.

Order a cake that fits the theme with planets and stars on it. Try educational party favors like star charts and compasses to help your guests find the stars at night.

Mani-Pedi Princesses

Make this little girl’s birthday party special by making it spa-themed. Set out little white robes for all the party guests to wear. Give everyone a goody bag full of nail polish, emery boards, and face mask samples when they arrive.

Include elegant party food like tiny cakes and champagne flutes filled with bubbly punch. Then when everyone is settled, encourage the kids to use their party favors to do manicures, pedicures, and facials on each other.

Swim with the Sharks

Do you have your own pool? This one’s a great idea for a summer pool party. Amp up the excitement factor by creating a shark-themed party.

Blow up shark-shaped pool floaties so they can have shark fights in the pool. Give every kid their own shark fin to wear while they’re swimming. And have the theme music from Jaws playing in the background.

Use little umbrellas in the drinks to give the party a tropical feel. Hang up fishing nets and fishing poles around to make it seem more beachy. And put a big shark fin on the top of the cake!

Slime Time

Create the ultimate slime-themed kids’ party by letting your guests make their own slime.

Decorate in bright colors like lime green, hot pink, and neon orange. Hang up pictures of Slimer from Ghostbusters on the walls. And make slimy dishes of food like green pudding and jiggly Jello creatures.

Hand every guest an apron and their own kit of slime making material when they arrive. Put out items to decorate the slime with, like glitter and food coloring. Give out prizes for the ooziest slime and the most creative slime creations.

A Cookie Maker’s Dream

Most kids love to bake their own cookies. So, making their own cookies will be a big hit at your next party.

Buy white aprons online and have the kids decorate their apron before they start. Also, give everyone their own chef’s hat as an added touch.

Then have everyone pitch in to help mix up sugar cookie dough, roll it into sheets, and cut out lots of cookie shapes. When the cookies come out of the oven, have a buffet of decorations ready for them to make their own cookie creations.

Awesome Party Ideas for Your Kids

Kids love parties with cute themes and lots of activities. Hopefully, some of these awesome party ideas will help you make your next kids’ party a hit that they’ll never forget!

To make that happen, do not forget specially crafted party invitations. You can have a template or design printed out and write down the details yourself. You can also ask your child to help make the invitations! That would make it a great bonding activity and lend the invitations more personalization and intimacy that invitees would appreciate. You or your little helper can add stickers, paint doodles, and other customization ideas for a unique twist.

You don’t need to spend lots of money to create an awesome party. Just get creative with your decor, food, and supplies. And always, always remember to have fun!

Looking for ways to save money but still throw an awesome party? Check out these tips on how to give the perfect party without going broke.

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